Thanks to Bakerman and Soft baps.

Howard Millichap

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Jan 3, 2002
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Many thanks to the both of you and everyone else involved in organising the hog roast. Really enjoyed it. Hope it can be done again next year.
I'll third it!!!

Well done Bakes', i returned early from France (partly due to knackered tyres) and 'the do' proved to be the perfect finish to my holiday. As per Princetown, if this becomes a regular, i'm sure it will grow and grow. Finally... It was a damn good job the sound man turned Steves mike off when he guested for the last song. The event was in serious danger of finishing early due to Bakermans wailings scaring everyone away!!!:coold
All you GS'ers out there that couldn't make it? Better hope it happens again next year.:bow :bow :bow
And fifth.....

:beerjug: Thanks guys for an excellent week-end.....

Bilks. (and i swapped me boots !):D
We Had a great time, ride out with 6x
was good and relaxed saw so stones
a building site (STONEHENGE) and crop circle

sat night was brill finished of a great day
Thanks Bakerman and Mrs soft Baps




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I'll 7'th it. Well done Bakes & all others' involved over the weekend.

'Twas a weekend I'll be remembering, so cheers for the happy memories. Hope you manage it again next year :beerjug:
Great Venue, thanks for all the time you must have spent sorting it out, hope to stay longer next time. :)
Well done Bakes and Beccy Soft Baps

Fantastic weekend.

Excellent beer, doughnuts, weather, company, music and pork (thanks Dave, your sacrifice will be remembered) made for a brilliant meet.

Too hot to ride (so I didn't), I spent a worthwhile day as self-appointed Camp Security Guard, making sure that your little canvas domiciles remained intact for your return. :)

I also felt it my duty to check that all the beer was fresh and cool for your return, so I did. :D

Grateful thanks to all those who made it possible, and let's do it again next year.
superb event
superb organisation
superb food
superb company
superb music


Bakes - born to serve

donned apron, starting slaving away over a hot barbecue fire late afternoon - still hard at work approaching midnight - thanks bakes for tireless dedication to the cause and all you and Ms Soft Baps did in preparation - and for working non-stop to ensure everyone else had a good time.

Big respect to landlord & landlady at the boozer - top people.

Good beer, good breakfasts, welcoming attitudes, nothing too much trouble.

Same again next year ?

Philip (6X)
Jeff H said:
superb music



Thanks Jeff (and Steve) and I didn't even buy you a pint :D

Next time maybe.


Yup....the best yet :drinkinpa

Thanks Bakes - for an excellent weekend.

Yoshi made it home at around 8pm. Me and Michel got back sometime after 10pm.

I had a Fireblade into the back of me near the A28 near Ashford as we were blasting down the lanes towards the tunnel. I outbraked him time after time through the corners and I think he was getting a bit pissed off that a 'mere' B*W (fully loaded) had so much grunt through and out of the corners......anyway approaching a car which was slowing to turn right I braked and slowed in good time - plonker on the blade grabbed a handful and locked up - slid into my left pannier and caught his mirror on Ortlieb bag . He missed the back of the car my just inches. After a quick check for damage ( his mirror wasn't looking so pretty and he now has a nice scratch on his fairing too - nowt with mine) I was on my way leaving one very emabarrassed Fireblade tosser in my dust :D An priceless moment to end a perfect weekend.
great do.

Just got a strange look from the wife when I said ,"Id just been down to eat Dave"?, Had a great time met new friends and good company, see you next year, thanks again Bakerman and family.:beerjug:

:clap Well done and many thanks to Bakes and Mrs Soft Baps for an absolutely classic weekend. :clap

Thanks also to everyone else who had a hand in making this a truly memorable event. :thumb

Same time next year Steve?

Oh! Before i forget.... That bloke in the band.... he couldn't sing! Looked familiar though...... :D


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Well done, We told you so...

It was at Princetown last year when a very quiet Bakerman, said I think I could run an event in the summer with a Hog Roast, Val and I said of course you can and if the weather holds out on the week end it will be brillant...

Well it did and you did, and what a great weekend it was, our first full family event with all the trimings..

Well done on the Best event yet, or at least the best we have been to so far! The challange is out, any takers ?????

Thank you Steve & Beckie and all the team you some how got to help you this week just gone....

Dave & Val

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