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Nov 17, 2004
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South Armagh, Ireland
A great weekend of GSing at Achill Island.

It would not have been possible however without the help of many kind folks.

Andrew and all at Joe Duffy Motorrad in Dublin who donated a €300 Santiago jacket for the raffle.

Jim Hill and his staff at Hurst Motorrad in Belfast who donated filters and oils for any model GS.

Hein Gericke Belfast and Hein Gericke Newry who also donated prizes.

:bow :bow :bow

Some of these dealers have been the subject of criticism (often unfairly IMO) but they were very generous with their donations. Sincere thanks to them all and please give them your support.

Caja Sahel and Pioneer Security for donating prizes too. Gerry and Amanda for donating lots of booze. Cheers guys. :beerjug: :beer:

Chris The Fat Twat for coming over and bringing prizes also. Thanks chap, it was good to met you. :thumb2

Tuned In always comes up trumps with T shirts, stickers and stuff. His help and support is greatly appreciated as always. Thanks Gary.

To all the Tossers who came to Achill, especially those from the UK who really made a great effort to get there, thanks for your continued support. Jockser and I hope you had a good time.

Finally, on Saturday night we raised €1070 for our charity, Cystic Fibrosis Ireland. Your generosity knows no bounds. We thank you all. :clap :clap

We still have one more item to auction on here thanks to James Burton, but more of that later.

Jochen & Aidan
And many thanks to Aidan and Jochen for all their hard work in organising the event. The road ride was wonderful - Doo Lough is as beautiful as I remembered, and the beach was just fabulous.

And great company all weekend :)
seconds to that. great few days riding. hope everyone got home safe, thanks again to aidan and jochen.
Jochen & Aidan,

Many thanks to you both and everyone else who helped bring the weekend together.

Lucy and I have just got home........ I'm sure there will be many photo's and tales to tell from what was a superb weekend.
:clap :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap
Psst, forgot to mention Kearys of Cork who donated a pair of boots & gloves :eek: Thanks guys :thumb2

Another thoroughly enjoyable weekend :D It was great to see a load of familiar faces plus plenty of new ones. A special :thumb2 to all those who made the effort to cross the sea to get there. We'll have to make youse honorary Paddys if ya keep this up :aidan

Thanks also to the hotel for the usual good food, and plenty of it, clean rooms, creamy Guinness & prompt service :clap

Myself & De Crowe rounded off the event by taking a spin around the island before meeting Daithi, BB1 & Dakar Gal back in the hotel for a late lunch. Afterwards Daithi & I followed De Crowe south past Galway before splitting up & going our seperate ways home.

I think we might just do it all again next year :D :bounce1 :bounce1
Thanks Adian and Jockser for a brilliant weekend

:clap :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap

Thanks to Dathai and Killian for the Off Road Track on Saturday.

Boy, what a track, fourteen bikes, 3 hours, 3 miles. :D :D :D
Sounds like you had an awful time.. Glad I missed it...:tears :tears

So when are we getting the juicy ride reports from the off road section?
And was Minaun conquered?
No thank you

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Thanks Aidan and Jochen for an excellent weekend. :clap :clap :clap
Well organised, and a lot of fun. My first UKGSer weekend, and Ive a feeling it wont be the last.

You're a great bunch of people!:thumb
thanks jochen daithi aiden, had a blast (blasted massive hangover) thanks daithi for your wonderful expertise and help in the gicky bits. great weekend never to be missed, much delight
Well done folks, looks like a great weekend was had!! And a fantastic amount raised for charity as well :clap :clap :clap !!
As has been said already, thanks and very well done to Aidan,Jockser,Daithi and little miss sunshine for another top weekend.:clap
nice one chris, :thumb2 no pic's of road offing ;) next time:thumb

and of course thanks to the demi gods for their organisation !

Thanks everyone , had a great time .............. :aidan

Apart from the underpant funnel ..................................... :eek:


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