The 1200GS at Intermot, Munich


Hi All,

I've just got back from Intermot in Munich and thought people might like to see the various 1200GS bits and pieces on show, including a few 'interesting' conversions. The only problem, is that I can't post photos (waiting on sponsorship info), so if someone wants to post them for me, e-mail me on and I'll send them through. The photos include:

1. Chromed manifold (displayed as option on BMW stand);
2. All silver paint-job, on Wunderlich stand;
3. "Jaracara" conversion on Wunderlich stand (blue-white paint-job, trimmed beak and fairing with added lights and bikini screen);
4. Boot and engine guards on Wudo stand;
5. Tank-bag and seat on Bagster stand;
6. Fully-kitted yellow and red GSs on Touratech stand, including great bash plate (by the way, new 2005-2006 catalog has just come out, with 45+ pages just dedicated to the 1200GS);
7. AC Schnitzer conversion including purple-yellow paint-job on extended fairing, pillion seat cover, new rims / tyres, etc.;
8. Conversion with heaps of carbon;
9. A 1200GS with car wheels/tyres and a side-car (I still don't understand why either);
10. One with a yellow front guard to match beak and tank; and finally
11. A wild blue-black-white paint-job with 'wolf themes'.

I'll await someone's e-mail.

While we're waiting - System 5 Helmet...

The pictures are on their way, but while we're waiting, I forgot to mention that I also saw the new System 5 helmet. Looks good, but most interesting is the built-in audio gear, which will use blue-tooth to talk to others with the same gear (not sure about range), as well as connect to an on-board audio box, which connects to music (eg. MP3), mobile phone and presumably any sound source (making my expensive intercom obsolete - damn it). So wireless is drawing near for bikes too. You can connect to the bike's power socket for long trips beyond the in-built rechargeable battery life. It will also obviously have in-built speakers, microphones and electronics. The helmet is due for release in March, with audio gear following around May. The audio gear can be retrofitted at any time if not initially purchased with the helmet.

Finally, they've worked out that there's better audio technology than that heavy radio/cassette museum piece used on the 1150RT. Perhaps it's part of the weight loss program for the 1200RT...

Cheers, Steve:beerjug:
AusSteve Intermot 2005















AusSteve Intermot 2005

Cheers Steve + Bob :thumb

The words bog and standard seem to appeal at the moment ;)
sorry cant take any credit at all I just posted Steve´s fantastic fotos.

well done Steve
Pleasure's mine, I figured it's about time I made a useful contribution, as I've learnt heaps from others here.
What is it about Germans and murals of baying wolves .......?

Every second pesron has a t shirt with them on ( and a mullet and a dodgy moustache). If the baying wovles T shirt is in the was a Scorpions / Metallica one gets worn on its place ....
Very nice thanks. Anyone have any experience with the Bagster seats they look comfy but would like to get some comments from anyone who has used one pro's , con's etc.


Thanks a lot for letting us see the beuatiful photos!!!

GS-greetings from Henrik in Sweden

strange to see a dirty 12gs near those shiny ones:


akrapovic for 12gs:



other pics concerning intermot (about 300) will follow next week on


I wonder how those pipes look on the bike.

So finally someone made under the seat exhausts. I wonder if it will hit against the wheel on rough surface or it's just for people that decided to use the sport side of the bike only.

Surely (esp. with the second) you cannot fit proper LHS panniers.

Since Akrapovic has gone public, I can now give you the photos they have sent me months ago asking me not to publish.

They look pretty normal compared to those above. They are probably able to cooperate with engine protectors and panniers.
NLS........If you'd sponsor, you could post them yourself couldn't you.:rolleyes:

This is not the place to rant, call people names and slag people off for trying to get you to stop taking the mick......I'm fed up with it so I've edited your post.


PS if you'd like to call me to discuss, please feel free.
Akropovic under-seat exhaust?

I must have missed this at Intermot, there was so much to see. Do I read correctly that Akropovic have released an under-seat exhaust for the 1200GS? At the risk of repeating NLS' comments, my simple questions are does it affect wheel travel and will it allow two equal and balanced panniers to be fitted? I'd be quite keen on that. Also, does it necessitate removing the cat? I'm a bit of a greenie at heart, so I'd prefer to keep the cat and miss-out on the extra pony or two (not talented enough to use them anyway).
Cheers, Steve
Fanum said:
This is not the place to rant, call people names and slag people off for trying to get you to stop taking the mick......I'm fed up with it so I've edited your post.


PS if you'd like to call me to discuss, please feel free.

Rant, call people names. There is a whole thread screwed a few days ago, you are completely aware of, where people do exactly that. The difference is that the do it on me, so I guess it's fine.

You edited the post; fine. No need to screw another post.

But yes I'd like to discuss things with you a bit. Can you email me? (because I cannot PM you of course)

thank you for the photographs. yes. i totally agree. best to leave everything BOG STANDARD on the 12gs for the time being until something more SUBTLE comes along.

i am gadget freak, when did you say the system v helmet will be out, between march and may 2005? is this for the UK market?

so, would i be able to obtain one quicker from germany together with the bluetooth gadgetry?

happy riding!

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