The 'Pink Way' Around Britain - Relay Challenge

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Oct 21, 2004
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Hi Again,

Thanks for the positive messages of support for this idea, so here's an outline or suggestion for the Pink Way challenge which is based upon Burdocks original outline and plan. I am not putting myself forward as organiser the T*I*T*S team are better at this than me, but if its felt that any of my skills could be used in a team role, then by all means involve me.

The Time and venue of this event weekend needs to agreed and arranged by the Project Organising Team (POT).

The objective of the Pink Way team
1. Complete a non-stop circuit of an agreed route around the perimeter of Britain by a team of GS Girls (at least 6 to run a total of 12 legs of a route around Britain), so the Girls may be expected to complete 2 legs (max), observing road safety and designated road speed limits.

2. Record the timed results and let it stand as an unofficial GS record, set by the Pink Way team. This will be officially recorded on the UKGSer website.

3. Document a definitive Round Britain route for subsequent events and riders. This could be a download from UKGSer 'free to a site sponsors' and chargeable to others (?).

4. To raise £10,000 (or more) for Breast Cancer Charity (BCC) by using the run as well as sponsorship either by, per mile or per hour ridden by the regional team member or the overall team effort.

5. Gain industry support and help to do the event by means of equipment, resources etc.

Project Organising Team (POT)
This Team will comprise POT Leaders for the following: The overall event plus regional a coordinator with 2 (min) regional assistants; publicity and local charity coordinator. So there's lots to do and roles for many GSer's to get involved on the event days. Any GSer volunteer will be offered a role, the more the better !

Some of these regional roles may overlap or be handled by the same GSer member, but key roles should be.
Regional Coordinator Team (POT leader plus 2 or 3 assistants)
Charity Coordinator
Time Recording Coordinator (Team leader and assistant)
Publicity Coordinator
Baton Team (GS Girl eventer + GS Boyz min of 3) to maintain rider morale, support and provide local road knowledge when riding unfamiliar region.

Role of the Regional Coordinator Team:
a) Plan the exact route in the region and in conjunction with neighbouring Regional Coordinators determine and agree the start and end points.

b) Divide the regional route into a number of legs and determine the start and finish point for each leg.

c) Nominate GS Girl rider and GS support rider team for each leg.

d) Record their regional timed leg (s).

The role of the Charity Coordinator Team is as follows:
a) Determine or implement a prepared strategy of how funds will be raised.

b) To gain local support and raise local awareness with the PR team .

c) Implement a fund raising plan this could an event on the day at the handover point of each leg which maybe a regional meeting place or watering hole.

d) Sponsorship forms (pdf download from UKGSer) so GSer member can get signed sponsors amongst, friends, work colleagues, pub locals etc.. for ?pence per/mile or per hour ridden ?

e) Work with Breast Cancer Care so its part of their events schedule and involve their PR to raise the Pink Way event challenge.

The role of the Records Team:
a) To use a recognisable recording method so it then forms part of the UKGSer domain statute for the GS Girls team 'Pink Way'. Its official in our eyes, and be the benchmark, set by a GS Girl team !.

The role of the Publicity team:
a) Ensure that this challenge gains appropriate publicity to maximise the event and the fund raising.

- Involve local press with profile of the 'local' GS Biker Girl and why they are doing this challenge, what they hope to by doing the challenge and raise the awareness of Breast Cancer.

- Involve local regional news gathering which may result in a few minutes of air time.

- Work with Brest Cancer (, as part of their events schedule and involve their PR to raise the Pink Way event challenge profile for the GS Girls team)

- Use the regional meeting/watering holes for a charity fund raising event or at each handover leg

- To use a national GS event as a climax to the whole event

The role of the Baton team:
1} GS Girl rider to wear and handover a symbolic baton - A Pink Bra (symbol of BCC)

2} Include 3 GS Boyz to act as flank and support, with local road knowledge where needed.

The proposed Regions are as follows:-

Region 1 - Kings Lynn to QEII Bridge (Dartford)
Region 2 - QEII Bridge (Dartford) to Southampton
Region 3 - Southampton to Lands End
Region 4 - Lands End to Severn Bridge
Region 5 - Severn Bridge to Aberystwth
Region 6 - Aberystwth to Liverpool
Region 7 - Liverpool to Carlisle
Region 8 - Carlisle to Fort William
Region 9 - Fort William to Inverness (via John O' Groats)
Region 10 - Inverness to Berwick-upon-Tweed
Region 11 - Berwick-upon-Tweed to Scarborough
Region 12 - Scarborough to Kings Lynn

This may be flawed but its the best I can think through.

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