The thank-you thread......

From Aberdeen to Kesh and back...........

Well it was all a bit of a last minute dash with a change of bike at the last minute. I thought it would be as simple as changing over luggage but there was luggage, fit a new set of brake pads and downlod all Aidans routes agin to my SP2 as my Quest which is fitted to the HP2 had them all in ready to go....
Anyway, I had booked a B&B in Troon so still had plenty of time. I decided to go over Glenshee, across to Aberfeldy and up through Glen Lyon to visit Boxertools memorial Table. Unfortunately the tea rooms were closed by the time I got there. It was also starting to get cold and I had forgotten all about my heated jacker (I still havn’t worn the damn thing yet!!). I decided to go over the top of Ben Lawyers, down into Killin and look for a chipper to get a snack but realised Igain I had my dark visor on and needed to be at my digs before sundown. I went via Tyndrum down the side of Loch Lomand towards Glasgow and this is a great road especially at 7pm as there is no traffic about. I finally got t Troon about 2045 and was cold to the bone so got my Fish and Chips. I was in my digs at 9pm and in my bed by 0930.
I got the quick ferry from Troon and those awfully nice people at Nutt Travel had sorted me with a great deal for £75 return fully flexible. The film that was shown was Christian Bale in Reighn of Fire. Top Tip – Give this a wide birth if ever you recieve a knock to the head and get the urge to go and see it. Apart from the fact that Christian Bale would have won an Oscar for best actor should he have been cast as a plank of wood there was no script and it was generally shite). As I had left my walkman on all night at the digs I forced myself to watch it – boy it was bad.

Disembarkation at Larne was very swift And I took Aidans advice and took the Coastal road North from Larne. This road is fantastic and as the weather was nice and sunny it was even better. I stopped at a layby to take some photos and was accosted by an American visiting his ancestors land..... I couldn’t answer any of his questions and e went off in a huff to the amusement of a lad from Lisurn I was also talking to on a SV650 Suzuki. He confirmed Aidans route as a corker so I continued on my way. The rain held off for most of teh way but by Omagh it was lashing down. I filled up again and continued to Kesh and my first drink of the weekend. I got the keys to the chalet which I would be sharing with Eoin and Orla and the Grumpy one (Jimmy). Orla has had a custom paint jb done on her new 1200 and it looks absolutely superb, I wish I had take a photograph as I am doing a similar excercise myself (once I can get a beak – hint hint) and the coulors are perfect although I can’t use those colours now as it would be copying...ahem......

Pics are Glen Lyon , Boxertools memorial Bench and Cormarant off Glenarm on the Antrim Coastal route.


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After a few more drinks and then another one or three and then a few more we decided to head across the road to a Chinese Buffet although it should have read a Chicken buffet. Its a tough life being a chicken in Kesh, if you make it past being an egg in an all day breakfast they will have you in either a black bean, sweet and sour or WanTan sauce over the road at the Chinese. :p It was good value at a tenner for all you could eat so long as it was chicken. I started on the chasers back at the Hotel and in no time at all it was 0415 so I thought I should be responsible and go to my bed.:rob

When I woke (it was the cleaning lady ho actually woke me it was 1230 so I had missed the road ride and also by all accounts I had missed the rain as it was once again nice and sunny so I set off for the Donegal coast. This part of Ireland is particularly nice and the roads are superb. I headed for a town called Orange although when I put my glasses on it became Grange and passed through several lovely little towns aomg the way. I was only aware I was in the south when I noticed the speed was shown in Km instead of miles. I just headed for the sea with the thoughts of when I was bored I would use my GPS to get me back to Kesh and found some lovely little boreens which led me down a dead end but I had a wee rest and just enjoyed the views. The waves coming in from the Atlantic were crashing against the rocks and getting quite a height, I recon there must be quite a few shipwrecks out there from times gone by. From the cpast I headed back inland between 2 large hills starting at a town called RathCormack and up a valley and alongside another Lough. There was a carpark and signs to a waterfall so being a tourist for the day I decided a look was in order. It wasn’t the bigest waterfall I had seen but was nice and refreshing to get off the bike for a wee stroll.


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I carried on and headed for a few of the waypoints on Shuck Raiders WW2 flying boat rideout and then headed back to Kesh. Just before I get to Kesh I took the scenic route and was treated to some spectacular views across the south Lough Erne and as a finale one of teh flying boats was up in the air too. The moon was out and the sly was clear blue, it was a great ride out but I was getting hungry again so back to the chalet for tea and toast.

Well it was back to the digs for a shower and change for the evening meal. It was a fine meal and once again Orla and Eoin cleared up the prizes....unbelievable. I actually gort an Oil filer fpor my HP2 which had done the rounds as people seemto have 1150s...!!!!!!

I didn’t stay up to late and even made it to breakfast before 10am on Sunday. I had decided to take the route over to Colraine and Bushmills to Ballintoy fr lunch and the full coast roar back to Larne. The soup at the wee Harbour Cafe in Ballintoy was up to its usual standard and I had a good chat with 2 more bikers (one on a GSA and oe on an Aprillia Pegaso also from Lisburn). Anyway, it was nor 2pm so I headed back to Larne and it just got better. Between BallyGally and Glenarm there must have been a ride out of approx 3-500 bikes, i’m not sure what it was all about but it was an organised run with anything from crotch rockets to Trike Choppers out there.

The ferry from Larne left 10 minutes early and once again a really bad film (the Fast and the Furious Tokyo something – another one to give a wide berth too).

We arrived in Troon aroung 1945 and I put on a jumper and headed back home. By the time I got to Perth apart from the fact I couldn’t see (Dark visors are a really bad idea at night) I was cold to the bone so stopped to put on my waterproofs and have a coffee. It was 2315 when I got in and it was 4 degC. Luckily I was talking to my son from Perth and he had run me a hot bath which was just heaven...........

So thats it, another fantastic weekend in Ireland, superbly organised, great weather, great people, and great fun.

Special thanks go to Mandy Aidan Jockser and Stumpy (who supplied Tea bags and filter;)).

Cant wait until the next one which for me is GOTC:thumb

PS - the wee black sheep is as safe as houses, no Kebab shops in Kesh just the chinese chicken buffet, he will live to grow into his skin


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Back from my First Tossers Away Weekend.

HMMMM, That is one High Standard set for the others to match !!

Thanks,so much,Aidan,Mandy,Jochen,The Loch Erne Hotel,the various B&B's who took the overspill and the Raffle Prize Donaters, for the Event.

Special mentions too,for Ash (you AIN'T wired up right),Chris Kelly,Og,Toad, Petcul and anybody else that put up with my Dudley Ramblings.
Cheers,Shuckraider,Dundrod was Brilliant.
As has been mentioned above another great weekend. Thanks again to Aidan/Jockser and Mandy for all the effort and hard work that went into organising this :clap And Mandy even got the weather right again, despite all the slagging she was getting on Friday nt. Well done to all involved :beerjug:
Mandy, Aidan, Jochen many many thanks for all your efforts and a fantastic weekend:thumb2

Stumpy and Fi
Just in the door. Top time, huge thanks to all :clap

Too tired to do a trip report but will knock one out at work tomorrow :thumb

One pic that sums my weekend up though........

Fan bloody tastic

Thanks a mil especialy to Mandy Aiden and Jochen,
Great weekend, great people and too much beer.:beerjug:
first post first ride out at kesh like to thank jochin aiden & mandy for brilliant weekend for being so helpfool & accomodating was great to be in company of likeminded people
big thank you

Yes what can i say my first gser event and it was brilliant.:aidan

A big thankyou to Mandy,Aiden, jochen, your running off the event was just superbbbb carol and i had agreat time, loved the road run sat and our b&b was tremendous.:thumb

Also to all the people we met you are truly a great bunch made us feel at home.

A special thanks to the NE tossers who came to our house friday , colin, georgia, rob, gail, chris, ali, clint, hope to meet again goin to try to come to yorkshire if not will keep in touch on here.

Once i get ma photos done will post them, well thanks again Roger & Carol.:)
Kesh me Arse

Aiden, Mandy, Jochen thank you very much for all your time and effort in organising such a great weekend, people like you make life so easy for people like me, all we have to do is turn up. :thumb2

Thank you for your welcome and hospatility, the same treatment was showed to us throughout our stay in your lovely country. :thumb2

The ride out was great, but in certain places I wasnt sure if I had joined the off road ride :eek: great fun !!

Aiden, your presentation skills are top class,your description of some of the raffle prizes made me laugh "some stuff" & chocolates and a high viz vest "so no one runs into you when youre eating them" Quality :bow

Great effort in raising such an amount for a very worthy cause, Mandy im sure your Dad would be very proud of you. :thumb

Thanks to Tuned In for advice on routes up to Bushmills and Petcul for taking on a cracking ride to Kesh.

Also thanks to Steve and Rhonda (Betty Swollocks) for inviting us to their home a few hours before boarding ferry, we were well fed and watered and shown great hospatility once again. :bow

It was only my second event and Wifes first, she says that the people who she met were "lovely", she doesnt even call me that !!

Thanks again, till next time :beerjug:
My favourite was...." we've got a chance to win a pair of earrings and a balaclava " :aidan

Or there was the "Your looking at winning an oil filter for a 1200, a hi-viz vest and a balaclava so no one will recognise who it is wearing it" :D
slip sliding away...

i must add a big Thank You to the Road Runners and an apology for delaying our arrival at the lunch stop. :blush
this due to taking a slight detour offroad :augie
and admiring the view from a prone position.

special thanks to Shapeshifter for the rapid assistance, getting the Bike upright and sympathy for Mrs Og / Linda and (who?:nenau) whoever handed me the Nurofen!
Johanna for the loan of the back protector :thumb2

just one thing....
not one of yiz caught it on camera :eek:
i'm suprised - very remiss of yiz :D

OnMeArs :D
just one thing....
not one of yiz caught it on camera :eek:
i'm suprised - very remiss of yiz
Only because off your mad dash to right the beast before we could get the camera out :D

Oh and the weekend well is was allright :green gri


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