The who the Feck is coming thread?????

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Dec 27, 2003
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I haven't a notion who is coming to this event... well apart from about 15 people...

So would the runners and riders make themselves known please :aidan

I'm going and i'll be camping:D
Sorry lads, won't be there this year - off on me hols to Montana on Saturday for 3 weeks' trout fishing in the Rockies ;)
I'm on the midday ferry on Friday from Holyhead so should be there by teatime :aidan and I'm camping as well. Probably staying 'til monday then I've got 'til thursday evening to get to Larne for the early Friday boat to Troon:D
Have me a pint on the bat for nine please. Getting into Dublin at teatime :beerjug:
myself & gs girl will be going, my gall bladder won't be with me cos i got it whipped out last week :beer:
I'm arriving early Friday afternoon, departing late saturday afternoon. Camping with all the rufty tufty types:D
I'll be there hopefully around 6-7pm depending on whats to see on the way down. Arriving Larne at middayish (can't remember). Setting off from Aberdeen Thursday about 5pm.....


ps. Just spoke to Mandy and the weathers booked;)

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