They made it!!


Spoke to Bill a few minutes ago and they're knackered and battered and have sore bums (from the landy, of course, what else?) but safe and well and thrilled to have made it all the way. They drove all day today and made it into Banjul tonight.

Now its a week of parades and parties!

Congratulations guys!

:D :D :D
MGB said:
Spoke to Bill a few minutes ago and they're knackered and battered and have sore bums well drilled all the way.

Fixed it for you!



PS Well done, you ol' tossers!
yeeeeeeeeeeeeee hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

never doubted that they wouldmake it ;)

well done guys

:beerjug: :beerjug: :beerjug:
Spoke to Bill a few minutes ago and they're knackered and battered and have sore bums well drilled all the way.

Now now Greg, Bill assures me that it was the landrover's hard seats and the bouncing across the dunes, and that it had NOTHING to do with the fact that they were 3 guys alone in the desert together for three weeks.


Foregone conclusion really ;) with all that braun and brain power :D Look forward to the Debrief Pissup and all the Pics when you get back. :beerjug:
They got further than Chris the fat Twat then .....:D
Well done fellas - top job :thumb
Well done lads,big respest due.
I bet the landy is well appreciated by its new owners !
Enjoy Banjul, hope the sun is still shining.
Boys are flying back Friday afternoon to Gatwick.

Not sure of arrival times, but they asked me to tout for a lift back to Swansea. So if anyone from Swansea happens to be driving passengers to Gatwick on Friday night and wants some company on the way home, AVOID THESE GUYS!! THEY WILL SMELL!!

Well Done

Hi Guys
Congratulation's on a job well done

Regd's K

Hey Alte Do u fancy it
Well done guys. It was a priveledge to party with you down in Chefchaouen!
Alas the bike didn't make it back - bloody 1200GS's!! Small pin under ignition key broke off twice. After care was brilliant.
Enrique also had to be flown home after skidding out at Tizi-nTest.
So whats the next challenge!!
Hiya Dennis.......privelidge my arse, it was great fun meeting up with you as we went along......get that bloody cough sorted out though mate before you go much further.....they shoot horses for less than that in several countries ;)

PS stash a few Eucalyptus branches in your panniers on the way :D

Thanks to everyone else for the comments......we have discovered though that what we've done may well only be the start of things......getting a 20 yr old landy across the desert was a huge crac, pulling the people and belongings out of hundreds of miles of sand and rock was fun too, but what we found in the Gambia has made all three of us look at things differently....

Don't be the slightest bit surprised to find us trying to raise a posse to fly out there and spend a week in the bush mending incubators, wiring, installing solar heating, digging rubble out and driving small bleeding children a hundred miles out of the bush to the clinic....

One of the things I'll certainly be trying to do is fulfill a promise that the three of us will try and carry on supporting the people we met and donated the landy....YOUR landy, to.

Giving a superb vehicle like that to anyone is nice- but we looked at several clinics, talked to lots of people, including the Gambian minister for health, and turned them all down because we didn't feel that the landy would be either utilised properly, or maintained properly.....we had literally hours of talks and heated discussions before we all agreed on the best place for Boris.....and it still feels good knowing where he's gone to.

There was no way that we were going to leave it in the wrong place, or somewhere that it would soon become spare parts or a hulk to be stripped and sold off, but they will still need support to run her effectively- and we've promised that support.

Graham got some good contacts with people like Bearmach and Swansea 4x4 when we were prepping the vehicle, and we'll be talking to them more to try and extend the generous support they initially gave us.

We'll get the photos and links up here soon so that you can see what we're on about, and I'm going to copy this into a new thread too, because it's really important to us.

Like I said at the beginning, this was a huge crac, a big adventure, but what we came away with was not only the sense of achievement in a job well done, a mission accomplished but also a humbling experience that made us all feel rather small and our problems insignificant.

Oh yeah, and don't forget the two chimps that UKGSer has adopted ;)
Hi guys :)

I got delayed collecting my luggage @ Gatwick so didn't get time to say goodbye - have been lurking on the forum over the last couple of days to catch up on your news. Never realised that you went to so much trouble to find somewhere to donate Boris to, after the midwife plan fell through - well done on finding somewhere so worthwhile :thumb

It was a pleasure to meet you all :D Thanks again for all the JD, dodgy spanish whisky etc, and thanks also for stopping to help fix our landie in Morocco!

Hope to catch you all again :nod


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