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GS'ers (pronounced geezers?)

I'm about to ride my '03 Adventure with Remus can and Y-piece into deepest Africa. When I bought the the bike back in May the brochure contained blurb about an optional chip for coping with poor quality fuel.

I have since spoken to to 2 BMW dealers who have been somewhat vague but generally insisted that it is not necessary with the lastest standard mapping. Anyone know better?

Also, I don't know if it is still available but assume that leaded fuel will be not be a problem without the cat..?
the celt said:
Hi Rick,
Give Nick at Touratech a call he will know,

...he certainly knows my credit card details. ;)

When do you set off? I was planning to go this week until I realised that the engine number on my V5 document was different to that on my bike :mad:

Providing the cat is removed, you shouldn't have any problems with using leaded fuel, although continuous use may contaminate the Oxygen Sensor. If the option exists, try to go for unleaded for this reason.

The coding plug modifies (retards) the ignition timing to allow the bike to run on low octane fuel without pinking. The BMW Part Number is 7160 7 659 547.

I hope this helps!
Many GS ownners here in SA who have Y-pieces and aftermarket pipes run their bikes on leaded fuel which is 97 0ctane (unleaded 95) - ie prefering the higher octane. Dealers indicate that this is fine and little chance of affecting O2 sensor as is ceramic type. Also removing yellow CCP.

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