Throttle spring/acceleration

Frankie Boy

I am new to riding GS' and am looking for a way to modify the range of throttle movement. Let me explain;

on big capacity sportsbikes, you can cover your front brake lever with 2 fingers and wind full throttle on with the heel of your palm. Your fingers are always over the brake lever and slowing down is performed as a single movement.

On our GS', you have to take a second wind of the throttle to get better acceleration. At this point, your fingers are away from the brake lever and your wrist is twisted all the way back, which delays the time it takes to get on the brakes in an emergency.

I am not prepared to change my riding style so I'm faced with using half the throttle range only.

Can somebody please explain to me how the mechanics of the throttle and engine response work and whether it is possible to fit a shorter range of movement for the throttle. If any one is aware of a kit or Dealer in the London area that could do this for me, please let me know.

Me Too

I thought about making the action quicker but all seamed a bit to compleacated, used to have a gizmo on me Harley that did the opposite made the lever move further it consisted of two concentric wheels one bigger than the other, it worked quite well it was really difficult to pull the clutch in without it.

I also wondered if you could put smaller "cogs" on the injector buterflys that would have the same affect.

The months passed and it don't worry me anymore and I still cover the Brake and have got used to throttle action.

The other way is use a quick action throttle off a crosser but it seamed to dificult with the switches etc.


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