Thrust bearing symptoms


Just went to park the bike after the commute home and started it without earplugs or helmet to move it into the garage. Noticed a rattle when the clutch was let out in neutral. Disappears when clutch depressed again. Does this mean the thrust bearings are on the way out? If so how much damage financially?

Or is it a case of keep the ear plugs in? (Yes sir etc etc)

1150GS with 15000miles.
Mine has done that ever since I bought it with 22K miles on the clock. Its got 56K on it now and it still rattles in neutral. Good thing is that it hasn't got ant worse.:beerjug:
if its rattling in neutral and stops when you pull the clutch in - its the opposite of the thrust bearing, which would make a noise when it had pressure on it - ie when the clutch lever is pulled.

neutral rattle when hot could be gearbox bits but probably isnt or crankshaft end float but probably isnt.

more likely to need the carbs balancing or valve gapping

Peculiar rattle?

Srangelove does the noise appear to be more noticeable when the engines and transmission are hot, or noticeable at all when cold.

The analogy of transmission gears chattering due to uneven idle is very sound, even with a well set-up fuel injection system (balanced etc) at normal idle speeds it would not be unusual to hear some internal noises.

When you pull the clutch in you would be loading the release bearing, however; there are cases where the release bearing can be noisy under load and no noise off load and vice-versa.

You are best advised to get someone that knows their stuff to take a listen, and at the same time try to have a listen to someone elses Boxer engine and come to your own conclusions.

15000 miles is nothing to a release bearing and I doubt that you have a problem in this area unless you tend to sit in traffic for long periods with the clutch dis-engaged - this would most certainly cause the bearing to develop a fair amount of heat and then the lubricant would literaly centrifuge out of the bearings body.

The clutch cush drive could possibly be suffering from worn springs and this will produce a noise in the same way that you describe....but hell its difficult to be positive with a diagnosis done at a the previous option and get A.N. Other to have alisten.

Oooh! Even a BMW dealer might listen for 'gratis' try your luck.

Hope that it is just the normal everyday noise, good luck..again!:cool:
Thanks for the replies and advice. Tony, you certainly seem to have your work cut out for you on this web-site. I think I'll revert back to the ear-plugs and wait till something eventually goes bang. Although too late it'll probably be easier to diagnose.

I had another listen and I think the noise falls into the "Yes sir they all..." category although it varies in volume depending on tick-over revs (louder when lower) and depending on how sharp the clutch lever is let out. I had an old Mini that did the same thing, and an Africa Twin too, both of which went on for ages without mishap.

No worries, I'll bo back out to the garage and try to find something else to post about - Shouldn't be too hard. Still think the GS is a great bike though!
Think yourself lucky that you don't own a 911! The gear chatter on them is appaling.
If indeed that is what it is on your bike and I believe it to be so. As long as your engine is running correctly as previously recommended and the transmission oil type and level is correct, don't worry.
OK that's me suitably re-assured guys.

I never thought that owning a 911 would be 'unlucky' before now though!


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