Thunder's Hog roast memories.

I will probably have the actual route from 2006 on the laptop Liv, but I don't have it hwere right now I'm afraid.......

The route we did in 2007 is almost identical (just two extra ones added at the end IIRC) and is HERE if that's any good :)

Come over to another hograost and I'll come out of fording retirement and run another one for you ;)

Thank you! :bounce1:thumb2
I can not open the file, but I can try to find the route on a map using this list.
FORD 1 Goodworth Clatford
FORD 2 Longparish
FORD 3 Ovington
FORD 4 Titchbourne
FORD 5 Droxford
FORD 6 Exton
FORD 7 East Worldham*
FORD 8 Warnborough 1
FORD 9 Warnborough 2
FORD 10 Mapledurwell1**
FORD 11 Mapledurwell 2**
That'll do for now. If I need more help I ask again.

I would love to go to Hograost again! :clap
And see a group of big kids play in the water with motorbikes. :drool That was fun! :bounce1
But I do not know when... :tears
I still have my Scarver, but for my next tour to England and Wales I think I want to put my tent in my sidecar.
No fording for my sidecar. -It is not a submarine! :eek:P
-But I would really love to watch, like in 2006! :roll

The best part of Hograost was the Ford Run. :thumb2

Thank you! :rose

:) Liv.

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