Tobinators on a 1100 with 1100 varioscreen?


I only read good experiences with the Tobinators and I would like to try these out, but I already have a MRA (wunderlich) varioscreen for my ’98 1100GS.

Is there anybody who tried the combination of a 1100 with a 1100 varioscreen and the tobinators? I don’t mind a modification with a Dremel or anything else as long as it works :)

Hi Vincent,

Do you have a pic of the screen you are using?

The reason you cant put Tobinators on with a standard R1100GS screen is that the standard screen has an inward curving lip on its lower side edges which would interfere with the Tobinator risers. The screen you have may not have this lip so it might work.

Whiz me a pic (or a link to a pic) to tobers(at)stopthebuffeting(dot)com and I'll have a look-see.



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