Bakerman, you book for mine and I'll book for yours.:)

Well, you never booked in for my event but you did alledgedly try to ride here so I'll forgive you.:)

Just booked up and paid.:)

Will try to sort out a raffle prize as well.:)

No wobbly box this year so will slum it in a tent.:(

Sue and I booked for the weekend:blast
We will bring a raffle prize:thumb2

:hideI agree Barr the wobble boxes, :D Syd will be fine in a tent:eek:
Oh well, that's Paula and I out for the future. No bacon butties for you m'lad! :D

Andy, your bus is too blooming big for the field anyway. It would never make it round the entry track, so it'll be the car park for you guys however firm the grass is!:pullface
booked not packed or asked for permission:toungincheek
Just booked me, wife (Mrs Mop) and our two sons.

We are all looking forward to our annual pilgrimage to the Hog Raost :bounce1:bounce1:bounce1:bounce1
I might come since Ive got plenty time at the moment. Can I just turn up and pay at the door ?
hog roast


Booked and paid for sat night, bringing along another 6 from our approved lunatics club in worthing

Booked and paid for + 1
Gary G and Steve Brown see you lot on Friday :beerjug:

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