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This may have already been covered (new user!) but has anyone had any experience of the Touratech Xenon Auxillary lights for the 1150GS? Having used used xenon headlights on four wheeled beasties to great effect is it worth the horrendous amount of dosh to use it on the bike?

Hope someone can help.

Saw one of the Xenon beasties at Bracken. Very nice pencil beam, but no real improvement over the abysmal main beam on the 1150 as it doesn't spread into corners. You're better off fitting a set of Halfords mini-spots under the beak.

Rgds Richard
Had the Touratech Xenon light, fitted by Bracken, for 6 months or so. It cost roughly £220 plus labour - a bit pricey really! It comes into its own on long straight stretches of road as the beam spread and distance covered is about double that of the standard GS lights. Around the bendy bits there is little improvement.


PS I'm sure you've realised, but just in case, it only works on main beam
Thanks for the advice, I'll see what Bracken have to say about them and have a further 'furtle' around for ideas. I need something to brighten up the road. £220 does seem a wee bit steep though
I have to agree that the halford mini spots are brilliant at any price, but at £39.99 makes you wonder whether Touratech are taking the piss.
Halford mini spots

Hi all
Does anybody have pic. of them on an 1100/1150 which doesn't need engine bars to mount on - or tips as to how/where to mount/wire them??
A few weeks ago I was looking over a guy's bike at Wollaston BMW Northampton (an 1150 with a 41 litre tank in yellow). He'd dropped it in for a service and so wasn't there to talk to. He had fitted two spotlights directly onto the back part of the "beak", above the indicators and below the screen. They were very neat and tidy, round and not much bigger than a normal indicator, with a black housing. I was very impresed and called back later to chat but missed him. Since then I've not seen anything as neat, functional, and OE-looking (rather than bolt-on accessory). So, if you want spots without a bar or crash-bar, it can be done.
Let's see now.... £200+ for touratech lights or about £40 for hallfords mini-spots. Hard choice (not!). I think I'll save the money for more important bits and bobs (beer for example!). All I have to do is work out a way of fitting them as Simon has seen.

Cheers for all the info.


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