Touratech Close fit panniers with Remus can...Possible???

simon thomas
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Jan 8, 2002
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I'm looking at picking up some new metal panniers for my 1100GS. The Touratech 41 litre Zega cases look the best option at the moment, I'm interested in the close fitting special set of Zega as two 41 litre cases are only 90cm wide; The problem is I'm told that these only fit with a standard exhaust, because of the shape of the cut out in the left pannier . I've got a Remus can and don't really want to change it.

Does anyone know if I can get my cake & eat it.

I dont realy want to lose my remus if I can help it.

advice would be realy appreciated.

See you in Wales
Simon T::beer:


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I may be talking total bol***ks (it's late, and I've had a few :beerjug: ), but I would have said the Remus is narrower than the stock can, and I wouldn't have thought it was any longer.

This is only my opinion, based on the 1150, and as I said, I have been :beerjug:


You have already seen a set of 41lt Zega's with a Remus titanium can. It was parked next to your tent at Mallory.
The vertical hanger need to be remodelled slightly to lift the can but there is sufficient movement available if you slacken all the exhaust joints, lever the can into position inside the pannier frame cut out, and then retighten the exhaust system.
Dave Turnock

thanks for getting back to me. I thought it could be done as I'd remembered a conversation, but wasn't sure. :)

are you comming to the Wales meet? If so see you there.

Simon T

Good Morning Simon,
I'm sweating in Nigeria at the moment and shall be untill 29th March, so Wales is not on the cards I'm afraid. When I return I shall be straight off to Belgium for Rudi's meet in Ronse and may stay for a further week for the Bernd Tesch rally in Malmedy.
The angle of the Remus system is very much shallower than the original system but it can be made to fit. With hindsight I would probably have been better advised to make a small mod to the pannier frame (Cutting a corner off and rewelding a diagonal in position) but there was not time to do this when I fitted my system. I fitted the Remus system to a bike that already has Zega frames. If you are fitting Zega frames around a Remus can then frame modification could be easier. I did burn some of the plastic coating on the pannier frame!
Regards to Lisa

Dave Turnock.
How's Nigeria


Hope your Well.

Nigeria...Work or fun?

eithr way I'm envious, that said were off in May 2003 and 2002 is flying by Just a little quicker than I'd like.

The other question that springs to mind is what are you using for comm's you've obviously got internet access, but I'd be interested to find out what your using. Laptop/PDA you took yourself, or something else. We are thinking of taking a small laptop, however, security and the laptop and it's purpose being misconstrued in African counties is a concern we have. Any advice would be appreciated.

We're hoping to make the European meet, so hopefully see you there.

Take care. Best wishes
Simon T:beerjug:
Morning Simon,
Nigeria for fun ! - you must be joking - it is the one place on earth that I would never include on an RTW, especially Lagos. Everyone wants bribing, personal security is crap, civilising comforts such as electricity minimal, roads are horrendous. Latest riot in which 55 people were killed was started by someone peeing near to a mosque. The incident that hit the UK press was a fire in a town centre munitions store started by a smoking squaddie - 1000+ died.

Communications - if you are taking a laptop then you will need something bigger than 41litre Zegas. There are a surprising number of internet cafes in the world, even in Lagos. The most that I would take would be a Compaq iPaq. There is a GPS add on available for this (Navman) - Simon N blagged one from Compaq (see his Sahara journey) with a telphone attachment. An additional power socket on the handlebars would keep it charged up. Regular reports back to the UK tend to make very boring reading, why not save it all up and write a book, or at least several long magazine articles. An occaisional phone call or e-mail is sufficient for peace of mind in the family.

Other essential - a hammer (possibly combined with an axe) strapped to the crash bars - usefull for repairs, clearing a route, chopping firewood and self defence. A small troll type figure screwed to the beak will also keep away evil spirits and defend your property and help in stopping theft. (I'm not joking I have one on my Landrover)

Dave Turnock

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