Touratech Handguards - Sprecken Sie Deutsche ?

Alex B

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Feb 5, 2002
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I haf zee new pair of Touratech handengarden from Bracken complete with Touratech spoilers - hopefully to cut down even more turbulenzen from zee monsterblackenhandengarten fitted as standard.

Unfortunately, all zee instruktions are in Deutsche and zee diagram provided iz fuzzy and impossible to see.

Any kinden soul out zer who can post zee picturen of zee Touratechen handengarten or give me tips on how to interpret vot looks like another German vell-made but over-engineered produkt ??

Danke in advance.

Alex B

Vorsprung durch technik but first viz a gut German handbooken.

If no-one can supply you with the English version, scan and send me the German version and I'll translate it for you.

Try this Bable Fish translation link.

You can type in German and get English out - albeit a literal translation.

I used it to fit some Touratech bits to my 650


Dave, Jon,

Thanks to both of you for the advice/offers. I spoke with Bracken today and then with CW.

CW are going to do the difficult bit for me during the upcoming service visit. It seems that you either have to strip the handlevar assy (seems a heck of a lot of effort), or vice open the metal clamps and then "close" them again using special tools - potentially a right work up if you don't have the right tools.

No wonder you see few folks with the Touratech handguards on their GSs !! They are seriously overengineered products.

Danke to both.

Hand Guards

I fitted the Touratech guards with no problems.

Special Tools????

I opened the clamps up with a small hammer and a wooden wedge - carefully. Just enough to slip over the bars and then closed them up again with plumbers grips.

Bit Heath Robinson but it worked.


I am in the same boat as you Alex, I couldn't see how to fit these things without removing grips/switchgear. I looked at Dirk's but his brackets are rather usefully two-part jobbies.

The single piece bracket looked to hard to prise apart so John Jewell pointed out they were a lot easer to fit than I had anticipated, I think a couple of centrepoints to act as levers was all it took, mine are still in the bag it came in - I might go and play dumb and useless at Brackens later ;) (it won't be difficult for me - thought I'd get that in before one of you fekkas said it!!)

With these types of parts your first instinct isn't to lever open the bracket, is it ? High tech engineering - precision made parts - and the instructions in incomprehensible German are about levering open the bracket ! Mein Gott !!

I still don't have the necessary tools to hand to do this in the next few days so CW have agreed to finish off the job when they do the tappets next Saturday.

special tools...crap!


I'm with Gerry on this. I've fitted the Touratech hands gaurds to my 1100GS and to my wifes F650. Both sets were supplied with the single piece clamp around thingy.

I simply pried the clamp open with a largish scewdriver, carefully.

poped the clamp around the handlebars, inserted the retaining bolt and ...hey presto. So, sorry, special tools my ass. OK a screwdriver is a little makeshift, but then all you are looking at doing is prying open the clamp enough to slip over the bars and then close them up with a set of pliers.

Bear this in mind when CW present you with the bill. Time taken should be no more than about 10 minutes.

Simon T:beerjug:

To be fair the reference to "special tools" was a bit tongue in cheek on my part.

I have a good relationship with CW and although you're quite right and I could do the job myself, right now I'm not in the mood to try it having already completed a number of other pressing small jobs on the bike.

I still think that the quality of the fitting instructions was poor and likely to lead the non-mechanically minded to bodge it or sub it out to a dealer.


PS: If I get more than 5 spare minutes to myself one evening I'll do it myself anyway.

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