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Rod Souter

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Jan 7, 2002
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East Yorkshire
Has anyone used/abused one of these on an 1150GS? Or are they so much cheaper than a Corbin because they are much crapper! (Sorry about that!) I want comfort now! but cannot afford Corbin prices. Are there any other alternatives to consider?
Nothing beats the Corbin - you can get them s/hand (in excellent nick) for about £200-250 in the BMWGB Club Journal nearly every month .Join for £20 and grab a bargain .Go on you might enjoy it !!
Put a Komfi seat on mine...very impressed..the front is about £165 and rear £95 exchange. They originate from Coopers at Reading but Rainbow and Motorworks also stock them. One type of seat will not suit all bums. Motorworks at Huddersfield let me borrow one for a weekend before buying, which was great because a seat that is comfy in the carpark can be a bed of nails 100 miles down the road.

Mike R

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