Touratech Street Version Panniers


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Apr 26, 2004
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North Wales
Presently i have a BMW Top box, and System Cases..
I dont really want to put pannier racks on, so the idea of panniers than use the BMW mounts sound good to me.

But :
1. Can they be used with the BMW Top box in place, will the lids open fully.

2. How secure are the mountings and how quicky can they be taken off and put on.. as quickly as the system cases?

And the answer is !

The Touratech pannier lid ,is exactly that a lid allbeit that it
sits very snugly into a groove type of seal.
The lid lifts off complete,so YES the lids will come off with the
Bm top box in situ.

They actually clamp onto the rails and are very secure,you
could remove them faster than originals with practice,it is
essentially a very simple but effective method of fixing.

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