Touratech Windshield spoiler?

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Jun 21, 2004
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Has anyone tried this? It seems quite a good value bit of kit to stop wind noise. I`m 6`6" & suffer from a lot of wind noise although I do wear earplugs, from my 12GS although not buffeting as I`ve got the Tobinators fitted. I don`t want to start cutting lumps out of the standard screen or spending loads on a CB screen etc to find they make no difference.

Cheers. :thumb
I made my own perspex spoiler to the same dimensions. I found it stopped the buffeting around my head but didn't significantly reduce the noise.

Have since fitted Tobinators, removed the spoiler and lowered the screen and this is much quieter as I'm getting more clear, non-turbulent air hitting my helemt.

The wind blast is now hitting me at the bottom of the visor so I need to cut a few inches off the screen to improve it some more. I think this is the best way to go to get the quietest ride, although it's possible that if the screen is high enough it would be quiet also.

harv - 5`10"
I did this, using some tape and a visor borrowed from my brushcutter face-guard. I added 100mm to the height overall. The bit in the centre (vertical) is a hacksaw blade snapped in half and wrapped in tape.

It improves things no-end with an open face "Roof" helmet, which is very quiet in this situation. Buffeting remains a problem.
System 4 Evo helmet remains as noisy and uncomfortable as ever, which is a shame because this is very quiet on my unfaired bike.
I await the Wunderclit screens arrival at the end of November.



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I purchased one and made a small modification to the attachment method. I find it very good and can ride with my visor open. I'm only 6'0" and have the seat in the high position. To see my original comments and photos, do a search on user "Vampire" or subject "Touratech Wind Deflector".
Good luck.
Had my 12GS for two weeks now and did 240 miles with my delector fitted weekend before last.

It does appear to make things better (I'm 6'00" and have both the seat and the screen in their highest positions) though the screen did seem to vibrate a fair bit with the extra weight on top of it. My visor was almost as clean as when I set off so it must be making a fair bit of diffrence.

Not cheap at £60 but worthwhile in my opinion.

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