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May 8, 2008
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Ok,its about time that TT had some good press on there service,and here i am to give it.

Firstly all the itmes i have purchased recently have been of the up most quality as you would expect,however the time it took for them to arrive was spot on.

I was told a date from germany when it would arrive and it did,i have sent the odd return back and again the refund and customer service were execellent,i know we grumble a lot in the Uk when things dont go well,so today i am singing there praises for doing a superb job.

And before anyone asks no i am not paid by them and i have been on the reciceving end of the five week delay etc in the olderdays!!!

Well done at last for getting things sorted!!!!!:):):clap
Touratech most accomodating

I spent 2 months in Europe last and took the 1200 with men. Unfortunately I did have a problem with my relatively new tank bag purchased in OZ. Now a visit to touratech was on my agenda so after explaining the situation he offered to swap the tankbag for the latest model. Now I don't believe you can argue with that. If you have never been there best not to take the bike but instead a large boot and a fat wallet. Wish now I could remember his name but he was really pleasant to deal with. Thumbs Up:thumb2
Changed my bike,but all ready ordered the stuff!

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