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Allan Davies

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Feb 6, 2005
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Just!!! South of Caerphilly
Here is the Tracklog of todays ride. A really good ride out:D, shame about the weather:(. Drizzle most of the day, and the viz over Brynaman, well what can I say:eek::eek:. If the weather had been better we would of done a loop from LynBrianne to Devils Bridge and onto the Elan Valley, hey ho! Maybe next time.
Hope ewe all got home safe.:thumb

Log---Garmin V9


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Was with me mate ( Blackbird ) pulled up on other side of B4519 at sheep shelter towards 2pm. Saw you ( 2 GSs and 2 other bikes), waved thinking it might be you, hoping you would stop, but you sped on. :nenau

Just checked your speeds in the track log.

Did you have that copper in the silver Impreza tailing you the whole way. :D:D:D
A big thanks to Al and the guys I had a great day despite the weather, and am looking forward to the next one. Chris we would have been faster but the Varedero was being run in:augie
Sorry Chris, after I passed I did wonder:augie I actually thought there would of been more out on your run , thats why I never really gave it a secound thought, honest.
Darryl (aka Highwayman) had his son on the back, brave lad, it rained all day and he never had a visor, just one of the dirt bike helmets with a peek. He must of been freezing.
I think my mapsource is playing up:nenau as i set it to statuate speed and it transfered it as metric, so it should of read MPH, bloody garmin:D:D:D
Thanks Allan and all for a great day. Don't go blaming my Varadero for the speed!! I was only following a couple of dodgey 1200s:augie. Hope to ride again with you soon. Lovely to meet you all.
P.S. My stock is hardy stock!! :weightsMy lad Liam doesn't need a visor he's been brought up to skwint!!!:moped::whip:headbat

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