Just seen a mates GS with some new Bridgestone ' battlax' tyres on(think thats the right name).They look a good road tyre.Wondering if anyone else has come across them yet ?
Probably Bridgestone 020's! They've just started making sizes to fit the GS.

I too will be seeking out these little gems in the future! I've used them before on other bikes and I can't fault them. You can give them some serious stick both wet and dry!
They are the BT020 - a sports touring road only tyre that is popular with riders of VFR type bikes.

Recently introduced as an option for the GS (factory fit option on the new 1200).

Don't know anyone with them fitted. Seems like your mate is the guinea pig. Keep us posted with how he gets on with them.
He reckons they are great................only down side was he paid about £240 for them fitted , although as it was at a B*W garage suppose not too bad !

Gotta say that the Bridgestones are awesome. I have used these tyres on a variety of different bikes over the last decade or so (Started with the BT50s and then went throught BT 50ss, BT56s, 020s and 010s) I use these tyres on all my school bikes where possible. The extra money is WELL worth it I promise you. my ADV has the Tourances on and they feel ok to me - but now I know they're making the Bridgstones to fit the ADV I will be changing them to Bridgestone when they're due. Enjoy.:thumb :thumb

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