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Jan 3, 2003
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Hi Guys, can anyone recommend which is the best two way radio unit to get to use with the latest Autocom system?
If you can, any clues as to how much and where's the best place to get them?
I know someone out there will help.


No let up for your wallet Squadron Leader!!!

The two which Autocom sell are the kiddies (with a price to match!!)

Kenwood TK3101 or Icom F22SR either though will set you back the thick end of £200 each plus then you've got the cost of the associated Autocom lead (if you're going to power from the bike that is).

I have Icom's and they are serious heavy duty kit, you could though go out and buy pretty much any PMR446 type walkie-talkie and they can be had from about £40.

I bought my pair on Ebay and got a good deal, we did have a guy come on to the board who was offering 10% off the Kenwood & Icom units and Autocom bike2bike kits though for some reason a few jumped on him and we've seen nowt from him since (which is a shame) :(
My daughter works for Maplin and says they have an offer on at the moment for 2 way radios that come with comms gear or can be fitted to others.

Whilst you may be able to get leads made up for other units, check with Autocom as to which radios they have interface leads for. As stated in the last reply, Kenwood and Icom are OK and I think that Minicom are catered for but a phone call may save you a lot of trouble
Phil, take a look at the Alinco DJ-446 if you want a good piece of kit for about £140 each.

Kenwood/Icom are more expensive most places (check Crystal Radio who do a good price at £135 for one of them).

Alinco's are made to similar standards to the Kenwood and Icom, but lack the DCS codes available to them. BUT Alinco's do have an LCD screen to identify which channel/subcode you're on, more memories and are easier to program, to other radios in particular.

The deal maker is the fact that there is a very simple mod to change the Alinco power output to 5W from the 0.5W supplied.

If you don't know what DCS is you won't miss it. And the Alinco is able to switch CTCSS codes off if you happen to be with a buddy who has a basic TX.

Give me a call if you want further info Phil - I've done a lot of work looking into this.

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