Tyres for R1150GS Adventure


My R1150GS Adventure bike is due for new tyres after clocking nearly 11,000 miles on the original set of Bridgestone tyres.

I am not too happy with Bridgestone particularily in the wet. Now I am uncertain which tyres are best for this type of bike but have heard that Michelin Anakee is good. So is Metzeler Tourance. What about Avon Distanzia?

I mainly ride on tarmac but sometimes venture on rough roads. Your feedback would be most appreciated. Thanks.

After 11k miles on Trailwings I'm not surprised you're not happy with the grip!!!

I only got 7k out of mine:(

If you have nothing to do for the next few hours, do a search...in fact, hold on one sec......

Click the link below and settle in for a bit.


PS to summarise, general concensus seems to be Tourances or Anakees for normal use, BT020's for pure road, Conti TKC 80's for off road with on road capability.
only thing to add is that some tourances are defective - if your start to flap then take them back!

When theyre good they are very very good, but when they are bad....
Only 5300 miles on Trailwings...

(and I should have changed a bit earlier)..
But 6000 on Tourances, and they're still looking good for another 2/3000:D

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