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Jun 28, 2002
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What are the best tyres for an 1150GS...... Just for normal 90% fastish road use..... recommendations???
General consensus seems to weigh in favour of Metzler Tourances. Michelin T66's are popular.
I believe - from the various threads you will find on this site, and from my use of both, that the Tourances give more confidence in the wet. Have NOT heard many singing the praises of the Trailwings!!
notadrop said:
General consensus seems to weigh in favour of Metzler Tourances.

- Tourances give more confidence in the wet.

Agreed. Superb road-holding in both wet and dry conditions. T66's are superb in the dry, but I don't trust them in the wet.

ditto scurrell - the man hits the nail every time

There's a post elsewhere warning of T66s being "lethal" in the wet. Well, I rode all last night and this morning in torrential rain, very nervously after taking heed of the tale of four bikers hitting the deck in the wet all shod with T66s. After a while I started riding faster and faster, seeking out overbanding and white lines, trying to get the back end to go all "scurrelly" (the established GS term now for rear tyre skittishness in wet conditions) and just couldn't get the things to shift an inch. Had a hoot riding faster than I normally would in such conditions.

There are two types of rain - (1) "slippery" rain and (2) "sticky" rain. The last 24 hours has obviously seen a lot of sticky rain.

Seriously, Metzeler Tourances or Enduro 4s are more confidence inspiring in the wet, but T66s are good tyres for the GS (crap on a Varadero though).

Simon E.
Done quite a few miles on T66's. They are like most Michelins, they need to be warm before they work best. The trick in the wet is to "go for it". They will hold on but don't give much feed back.
The tyre I've tried with the most "feel" is the Conti TCK80. It's just that the feel is not a good one!! They do stick well though.
I found myself on the Norway Finland border miles from anywhere with a rear trail wing (which had performed superbly until then) down to the canvas. I was stunned to find a service station that got me a tyre to fit delivered and fitted within two hours. Problem was it was a Battleaxe 020..no complaints from me though. I put a further 1500 miles on it and found it was brilliant, I just wish I could get one for the front. I suppose you`ve guessed by now I dont go off road (intentionally).


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Tyres and thanks

Thanks for all the varied input.... I plumped for the Tourances, and have just done 2000 miles on 'em in the last week to from and around S of France..... seemed great in all conditions... (including TORRENTIAL rain last night up the M1) Best of all, they're hardly showing any sign of wear..... just a nice even 'scrubbing' so quess they may last a few thousand too!!

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