Ultraseal;any bad news?


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May 28, 2004
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Am off on a jolly jape to the Stella Alpina on Tuesday,and have bought some Ultraseal,though not installed it yet.I have heard and read nothing but praise for it,yet I can`t help wondering if there are any horror stories associated with it? Also,is there any "trick" to installing it or hidden pitfall?
Try a search on this site. There were quite a few pros and cons postings a few months back. As I recall, some felt it didn't work when it should have done, others thought it was the Bees Knees.

check the poll that was done --


in milder terms --
Real world..

I have to say.. if it worked as well as it claims.. then i think every bike and car on the road would have it installed, for it would save many an accident.. however some people have found it works and others not.

I know my local garage dont like chaning tyres when they had had em in..
Thanks for your replies.Due to time constraints,and the looming spectre of being stranded mid-Alp/autoroute (or worse...) while the Ultraseal languishes next to my microwave,I decided to install it this evening.Easy enuff to do;I spun the wheels by hand before riding.AND WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT!!! The front wheel felt "planted" and the previously twitchy at low speed handling has taughtened considerably.When I test rode this bike (`96 1100GS,secondhand) it felt odd at the front end compared to my other 1100GS.It wasn`t quite "headshake",nor a shimmy,but seemed like an out of true/out of balance wheel or tyre (it had brand new Tourances on).The dealer checked it out and said the suspension settings were all to cock;but it still felt a bit odd to me especially at motorway speed,and I would sometimes be found sighting my front tyre at 80mph looking for "skip" or runout.
Well,people,that feeling has TOTALLY gone now! I did a,erm, high speed check,and the bike is SMOOTH and the handling perfect.
So I`m more than happy with Ultraseal,regardless of punctures!!
P.S. I think I heard a rumble a while ago about a batch of dodgy Tourances,does anyone know more? My experience seems to be that of a tyre with internal impurities ("sink holes" or bumps) now "filled in" or smoothed over by the Ultraseal..........
i had the stuff installed at the bmw club goodwood trackday in june this year when i found a nail in the front tyre just prior to my second track session.

the chap pulled out the nail, there was brief spurt of pink liquid and the hole was sealed. 5 mins later i was out on the track at 100mph + with no ill effects at all.

so, i reckon its pretty good stuff!
On the other hand (there's always one!) I found a nail in my rear tyre a while ago, and decided to try Ultraseal. When I pulled the nail out there was a quirt of pink goo followed by a constant hissing as the tyre fully deflated. After a few hours of faffing around I gave up and bought a new tyre :(

My view on the goo is that it might work, and if it does then great, but it's not infallible.
Been using it for a few years now riding in London every day & it has been a Godsend, before I used it I was always getting punctures, So for me at least it's helped !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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