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Jul 8, 2003
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Garmin is pleased to announce that beta software is available for the MapSource.

You can download the beta software from our website by clicking the following link:

What the cracker jack is beta software and do I need it with
city select 6

Now if it was better software !
The beta software tends to be a preproduction version. They did this with V5. They'll release a proper V6 soon I'll bet.
As for your City Select......you don't need it.
Bob...keep off it until they release it as a proper numbered version..Beta software is released to bugtest the new parts out in the real world........you get to see the new shiny bits first but also get to deal with the bugs and flaws.

I'd add a comment here to do with it being very like owning a brand new 1200GS but i can't be arsed 'cos i know NLS will jump in with his neck veins bulging again so I'll leave that one with a nod and a wink.....

Beta testing can be fun...I've done it quite a lot with games software but it can also be a major PITA......so my advice would be wait for the final release version and save yourself the stress.

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