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Mar 16, 2003
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But Mine are Cibies ;)
I've reduced my MPG, increased my wind resistence, improved my visibility a bit and increased my C of G :( but I think it looks good, after faffing around with 'little' lights that that are Small:p decided to fit these, wired to Main Beam, together with the little Hellas wired to the flasher cancel switch :cool:

Melt Down :D


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Tell me you're joking:eek:
Tell me they're not "fitted" but it's merely a staged photo:confused:
Go on...............
Those lights are Cibie Oscars, probably the best lights for size and performance you can fit to a motorcycle, especially with their glass fronts which refract the light very well.

In 1976 I purchased a set of these fitted with high and low beam globes.

It works like this:- Bopping along with all three lights working on high beam, traffic coming so you dip down and all three lights dip, once you get use to the decrease in light, you then manually switch the driving lights off and run on the original headlight low beam.

I have yet to see a better set-up anywhere in the world for real useage on a normal bike. I had these set-up on my R90S then on the R100/7, then on the R80 G/S and lastly on the R100CS. The current bike doesn't see much night work so I haven't fitted them but they are still in the garage.


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