Voltage regulator.


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Jan 15, 2003
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Durham, England
I have a Garmin Emap which has worked fine for ages.

Recently encountered some problems when using car cigarette lighter adapter. Screen goes completely black or screen gradually fills up with restroom symbols. Very strange.

This only happens when using the cigarette lighter adapter. The unit is 100% OK when using internal batteries.

Internal batteries are 2 x AA's giving 3 volts. Unit also works on rechargeables which only give 1.2v each = 2.4v.

Tested the output from the adapter and it's giving 4.6v
Suspect the greater voltage is causing the problems but can't understand why it hasn't happened before. I've used it loads of times with the adapter and it's been fine.

Is it possible that the voltage regulator has "moved" from 3v to 4.6v?

Has anyone else got a similar adapter they can test the voltage?
I'm reluctant to buy another adapter in case it is also 4.6v
It is possible, some blow right out.

This is one area where the genuine Garmin accessories are known to have more problems that the (cheaper) third party devices.

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