vouchers to give away...


i know this is probably not the most appropriate forum to post this, but if anything it will pair nicely with the dishwasher thread...

I have three vouchers for a total of 40 quid to be spent at Park Lane BMW by the end of January.

Since I wouldn't want to buy anything from them even it was free:reaper , I am giving them away - first come first served - as a thank you to the members of this great community. :D

If you are interested, I also have an invite for the 'Long way round' event this afternoon.

Any takers?
I'll have the vouchers off you kind sir, if you still have them that is.

Mr A Bargy esq.

ps - PM me, coz I don't seem to be able to PM you....
Dear Mr.Bardy,
I seem to have some troubles with pms, for some obscure reason.

If you would be so kind to email me at 'mr.freddyATgmail.com' I would be delighted to arrange a suitable way to give you those vouchers.



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