Read that it takes in excess of 4 months to order and obtain delivery of ADV.
Anyone ordered one recently or have any idea on waiting time both for that bike and 1200??
I ordered mine March last year when it was released and had to wait until November to pick it up so 4mths does'nt sound too bad. It is worth waiting for though:)
Abi,thats unbelievable,I thought the big delay was with the 1200.Was it worth the wait or is the 12 a better option?

Dont let the BM dealers kid you on the shortage of bikes, its all bull. They have available stock of 1200GS right now. I know cos I can have one any colour any time although they like you to believe its a wait. Its to get round the no discout, but you can even get a discount on the 12.

Haggle hard
Yes that was the delivery date give by Woolaston's Northhamton. had a Y2K Blade before which I'd sold in February so I had no bike at all, oops! should of checked beforehand. But 'yes' it's a cracking bike, don't miss the Blade. I should also manage to keep my licence, liberty etc.

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