Wanted: BMW navigator 2 God or Goddess.


I have this system on my GSA. I am a tit when it comes to this stuff. All help greatfully received.:confused:
If you can post on this bulletin board, you should be able to operate a GPS.

Have you read (that's read, not scanned) the manual?


yes and er... no.
started to read it... then it got all a bit confusing. i admit i am a bit "blonde" in these matters. mabey i should spend a bit more time with it eh.

What exactly are you having trouble with?

The BMW Navigator II is functionally identical to the Garmin StreetPilot 2610, so any information you read here or elsewhere concerning the 2610 will also apply to the Navigator II.

The Navigator II has a few minor software features that the 2610 does not (RMI screen and ability to turn the touchscreen off), however, those are not big deals.

Garmin sells a videotape that explains in detail how to operate the 2610. It is Garmin part number 010-10527-00, and sells for USD $16. You might want to purchase it and view it. You can find more information about this videotape here

thank you one and all

thanks all for the help and advice.
i now seem to be getting the hang of it all now.
all i have to do is start trusting it .... lol.


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