Wanted Garmin Data Card


I have just obtained a Garmin Streetpilot (old one mono screen). But it only has a 8 meg card with it :( . Does anybody have one they are no longer using (yeah you guys that have a couple of 128 meg ones must have the original little ones somewhere). I would consider any size.

64MB card is only £60+VAT (www.gps.co.uk)

That said if you want a 16MB card you can have my spare one for £10 - but you really don't get a lot onto 16MB. 64MB in my GPSMAP 295 (an aviation model) loads more than half of the UK mapsource database.

These often come up on eBay.de and go for around 75-100 euros for a 128Mb card.

here's one

Check out the guy's other auctions. I just rec'd one from him last week and paid 95 euros including delivery.

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