Last Saturday traveling along on my 9 month old 1150 GS up in the Pennines, I was making progress along a nice straight and in the distance could see a sharp left hand bend so I eased off the throttle and squeezed the front brake...............nothing!!! All the fluid shot over my visor, the lever came back to the bar, i stood on the rear brake which was never going to reduce my speed enough. Result...bike goes down the road on its left hand side hits the grass verge flips over onto its right, closely followed by myself at around 70 mph!! On putting the flames out on my arse I picked up the bike and could see that the front brake line banjo bolt had come loose resulting in total brake failiure!! The bike was recovered to BMW who refused to admit any kind of liability even though it was serviced by BMW two weeks earlier! Luckily due to the plastic cylinder guards the damage was fairly minor leaving me with a bill of around £300.

Check your bits on a regular basis!!!

Paul Newman:yikes
Oh shit........

Sounds like you had a lucky escape from that speed.

If your bike is oly 9 months old as you say and has just been serviced I would argue thast BMW do indeed have alot of explaining to do and I would pursue it with them via your insurance company.


Don't let them get away with it. What do they think - you loosened it yourself??
shoddy servicing work

I had a high speed (?) back in the 70's due to shoddy servicing/repair work on a Honda. I came out of it with cuts and bruises but the bike was wrecked. The dealer concerned and Honda both refused to accept liability, but after a solicitor mate of mine was let loose on them they relented and repaired the bike.

Still refused to accept liability though...barstewards :banghead:

This problem is still very widespread and will remain so as long as tossers who don't give shit are allowed to masquerade as skilled technicians. :mad:

Don't let them get away with it, you have been lucky (?) the next poor soul could finish up much worse off.
I'd speak to my insurer's, if they didn't fancy it I'm sure the uninsured-loss solicitor's which comes with most (all) insurance these days would. The advantage for you is you have no outlay yourself. I doubt they'll never admit liability but they will settle if the thumb screws are tightened with legal threats.....................................eventually
It may not be the Dealers fault, it could be some mindless twat who thinks it is funny to loosen brake lines when your bike is parked up. It would only take second.

There was a craze round my way in the late 70s/early80s of twats nicking brake pads from your bike while it was parked up in the town centre. an evening visit to the cinema was never taken without a spare set of pads and pins on your pocket.

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