water in the paralever

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Jan 8, 2002
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West Dorset on the TET/GWT
The attached picture shows the water that drained out of my paralever in about 5 mins.

The bike had not been through a river just about 4 hours of very heavy rain.

The entry and exit point had been past the rear rubber housing which is retained with ties.

Took the bike to Sawbridgeworth who'd had that rear of the paralever of 4 days before this happened.

The view was no damage done but it was dues to only slightly lose ties. They recomeneded the metal ones found on early GS1100's.

Bottom line for you I'd check the tightness of your tie's... for me I'm not sure they'd taken it off and slipped it back on without new ties is that standard practice?



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Should it not read bike cocks leg and marks Territory ?

Boy those 1150s do everything :)
Could the tie wraps they use now be the reason why many 1150's get a leak from that joint perhaps?

Sawbridgeworth tech said...sorry let me start again thats far to PC for me.

Sawbridgeworth Grease Monkey said the plastic ties now used do not pull tight evenly around the joint which can cause gaps...a bit like those a tight belt on a pair of trousers that are to big for you create.

He said if you can get hold of the early metal ones they provide a much better seal.

However on mine the larger tie was not even the right one, to thin, and was lose and the smaller one was also lose.

Now these guys had taken it off and must have put it back like that, they did'nt have the smaller ties in stock and I can only therefore assume when they did the job they used the original by pulling it of and pushing it back on.

I have thought of writing to BMW as the resaon the paralever came of is the rear bearings controling sideways movment where shot at 30,000miles...makes me think was this due to a dodgey seal from delivery!

Anbody know a good email address into BMW?


Did you check if there was any water in the bevel drive? Would be interesting to know as I am still speculating about oil/water working itself from the outside in and filling the bevel box up.


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