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Apr 25, 2002
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Felixstowe, Suffolk, UK
Just knocked up a website to advertise my new venture in to self employment, used Office K ---- fine but loads of crap code everywhere, anyone recommend freeware or shareware with WYSIWYG for me or a stripper for the word produced files that doesn't destroy the formatting etc.



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If you get 1&1 to host your website you get NetFusion Objects for free. This is a great bit of software where you don't even have to know html code. Costs about £100 if you buy it though.

This is where I get shot down by all the professional website designers out there but, hey, I'm a draughtsman and needed something simple to build a website. If I could do it on AutoCAD I'd be laughing.


Adam :)

I run a few sites via 1&1 but I don't use the free NetFusion Objects (I use Dreamweaver) so I'd be quite happy to pass it on for an "IOU a pint". Let me know if you want it and if so where to send it.
Most larger hosting sites offer free tools. Look at Yahoo, they have some excellent tools.
Really nice freeware editor - HTMLkit - just search for it at It has a really nice HTML tidy function so that you can see the wood for the trees. Plus you can switch instantly between HTML edit and HTML preview.


Try Cute HTML and Cute FTP both very good and easy to use available to download as a trail and if you like it buy it.

Pete A

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