Weekday evening rides..Pilgrim's way west


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Apr 26, 2003
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Anyone fancy Part II, starting Otford or Eysnford and heading West not east??

I'm away this weekend but will try and check in...I haven't got the map for it but the route's there........

Yep, up for that.

I have the maps which I should be marking up this weekend courtesy of Mr Reynolds. If I can get Memory Map working again I can print out the routes onto A4 at 1:50k - they'll fit nicely into your map bag!

Weather's pants 'til Tuesday though.........
Hi I have just got an 1150 gs to replace the 650 Dakar I broke. It has road type tyres, full luggage, no crash bars and I constantly sound the horn when operating the indicators. I think that makes me the ideal candidate for an evening ride off road. So when and where?:goof
Thursday sounds good to me..........How about the pub at Otford that faces the pond???

(can't remember the name offhand but it's on corner of that pond roundabout on the right as you come into the village from the Eynsford way.

oo....18:00 start again with delays on phone so we can get away as soon as all are there???

Sounds like 3 or 4 of us then........anyone else????

Are you all going on your pogo sticks again?

(He asked innocently from the top of the moral high ground!):p :p
Greg :rolleyes:

It's Thursday this week.

Very unlikey I can make it. I will probaly make a decision Thursday morning. Having said that..

I have a van hired for Friday and the weekend for a scout camp, if I can pick it up earlier on Thursday afternoon it sounds like a good opportunity to take the ktm down. Sounds like a cunning plan doomed to failure.

There is no way I am leaving the KTM in London then driving out to Kent.

Greg are you up for another Herts trip ? I want to test out the new Garmin 60cs gadget.

I can't do this weekend but other than that I am free on any Sunday.
Would love to join you, but the old XR200 is sounding like a tractor, so I don't think it last much longer.

On the look out for a new bike.

Sid is selling one !

Low mileage.

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I would dearly love to come out again with you guys this thursday, but I've got my bike away for a service plus other bits & pieces, so I'll have to miss this one unfortunately.:(
Sorry chaps...I've had to change plans 'cos of the accomodation problems for piggy baking.......this means I'll be half way up the M1 thursday night, so I won't be able to make it this week.

Many apologies......and see you in Andover.


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