Weird Brake Light Problem...


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May 31, 2002
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Dereham, Norfolk, today...
I've got Touratech mini indicators fitted front & rear on my Adv. Th rear ones have Malky's WideTails linked to the brake lights. I've also got a Touratech auxiliary stop & tail LED light above the standard rear/brake light.

So, I was doing my daily light check before setting off yesterday and found something a little odd...

With the ignition on and the engine not running - the WideTails didn't work - everything else worked OK.

With the engine running, the right hand WideTail worked (when the brake was applied), but the left hand one didn't...

Just checked them again - the left WideTail doesn't work at all, but the right works as normal - whether the engine is running or not (although it does seem to fluctuate in brightness with engine speed).

I'm guessing I've had a rock break the wire to the left WideTail (although all indicators etc work fine) - any ideas about the weird conduct of the Right one??

Mike, my advice would be to check the earthing connections on both sides are clean & done up tightly. That should clear it.

I really enjoy your ride reports by the way, having ridden across America myself, I can really "feel" that I'm back there with you.

Have fun!!!

I forgot to add : you may find that some salt has worked its way into your lights, which can do some strange things to your connections. Give it a good old clean-off and it should be ok.;)
Fixed! Thanks for your input Phil - it turned out to be a combination of a bad connection behind the tail-light reflector and a broken wire in the left indicator. Cleaned, re-soldered and fixed by my newly appointed American travel-butler Jorge :thumb


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