Well I can't sleep....

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So I'm sat here and it’s way past my bedtime, but I can't sleep. A drive down to Peterborough from Nottingham tomorrow and an envelope full of my hard earned is all that stands between me and the bike I've been chasing for nearly two years.

I’ve been checking the weather all week and it looks like it’s going to be sh*t but do I care? Like fcuk I do. Bring it on.

At this moment in time I’m not bothered about surging, buffeting, colour preferences, tyre choice, pannier design, GPS software, Speedo accuracy, oil filter spanners, accessory plugs or even BM’s indicator switch misdemeanours.

All I want is “Big Yella”.

I know this won’t last and I’ll be giving the flexible friend a hammering soon, but for now I’m enjoying the fact that within 6 hours I’ll be on the A1 riding my dream.
01.39? Is that all??

You need the following reading material at your bedside:

Touratech catalogue
Motorworks catalogue
Picture of your beast (Erm - wife should I say
:rolleyes: )

Memories of the roads you've been on and for feck sake get roads like the A1 out of your mind - you need these to go to sleep over....

(Oh yes - 4 x pints of cider also goes a long way to help!)

Good luck on big yeller by the way:beerjug:


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Have Fun whatton......and try not to swallow your helmet with the width of the inevitable grin.

(oooooer missus!!!)

A47- A606 on the way back mate........still direct and the A606 is quite a nice road.....infinitely nicer than the A1 anyway
Wide awake now...

Well I finally got myself to sleep and was hammering on Balderstons door at 8.30 this morning.

It’s now sat on my drive and I’m grabbing a sandwich before getting back on and putting some more mileage on the clock. The bikes everything you all said, rode up from Peterborough with my son on the back and grinned like a madman every mile.

Detoured at Grantham and took the Melton road and then down through the Vale of Belvoir. Took a few snaps at Belvoir Castle and then home.

I’m smitten!


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Wot a luvvvverrrly colour.........

Wot a brill bike............

HO! its just like mine........:) :) :) :)


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