What do you put on yours?


Cleaned my 1200 four weeks ago, covered it in ACF50 then rode it almost every day since. I re-applied a little ACF50 to the fork legs after some heavy rain but other than that let it get covered in crap. Today I couldn't bear it any longer and cleaned it with a pressure washer. I know it's not very long but, I've ridden through alot of road salt. There is absolutely no sign of any corrosion, even the fork legs are un-marked. I'm well impressed with this stuff.
LaughingBob, would you be so impressed, or concerned that you had to treat your car the same?
I spray everything other than tyres and brakes ( :rolleyes: ) with silicone spray during the winter,as the road cack only sticks to the silicone,not the bike.
I still wash it regularly,mind....I can`t stand seeing a dirty bike in dry weather.

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