what is acceptableb bmwhaviour???????


new to bms` i ended up buying one and love it . the first time out on it in a non bm group of lads`rode up to a local ish bike haunt .the sighs from the lads were pipe and slippers , and so on .so me now a reformed hooligan, ,did the the right thing and took it steady all the way up to the sun inn behind the rest of my pals on there super motards. DID i bollox i took the bait and kicked ass it was so funny looking in my mirrors with these motards going nuts to pass me but i wasnt trying that hard and i lets say i like being served first . did it stop there no the nobble got worse. any way, on my way home i put sat nav on heated grips and to baildon moor i headed to see if this thing could be rode on a bit off rough.after ripping up the camp site road up /bit off gravel off back tyre/ i had some funny looks off folk .when then i proceeded to ride the tracks and had a little off.and got covered in shite no damage to bike /big crash bars you see .the i set off home but fancied some roast chicken form hudderfield cooperbridge / some one will know it /but as i go on the m62 it felt real so i went via manchester and back .chickenin back box 130miles clocked up, this was the best weds night squirt in a while so not satifised with that i have been getting my knee down .on various roundabouts ect just to see if the old pipe and slipper bm can do it.well it can with ease. since then 8 pals have dealt for bms.i love riding the thing it good a what does.and i chuckle at the look on the transit van drivers face when proceeded to go round the roundabout with me knee down . is this acceptable behaviour what do you think,ps i have stopped it now officer. well on that bike i have!:confused: :confused: :confused:

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