What Size/Rating Bulbs


Gonna get some PIAA bulbs for my Adventure

I know the main (bigger) one is a 55/60W H4 and was going to replace it with a Platinum Super-White (120/130W)

But what is the other one ? H1/H3/H7 :confused:

and are the Super-Whites the best to get ???

I don't know - merely ask the question - are you sure that the bigger lamp has an H4 bulb. That certainly isn't the case with the regular 1150GS.


Dont know about the Adventure - my 1150GS has two H1's. I fitted 85w = 130w PIAA super white and was very disappointed. They are good, but not that good, IMHO.

Speaking to Demon Tweaks, who supplied them, it was suggested to me that if the bulbs couldn't actually draw sufficient current for any reason (ie wiring being designed only for lower wattage bulbs) then the light output would be worse than a 55w bulb at max capacity.

When one of my super whites blew a while back I therefore bought a 55w=100w superplasma to replace it. I didn't want to use it as a day running light bulb in the summer, but as my commute is about to become dark at both ends, I shall be fitting this bulb in the near future.

Having said all that, the bulb cost £65, and a pair of Hella fog lights (for less money) have transformed the light output onto the road so much, I doubt I will notice the new bulb that much.
Last year I brought a 130 watt main beam bulb from motorworks for about £8.50...It's great. When comparing it to bikes with halford spots fitted it only loses out on the spread not the distance.
But is there a relay ?

Is it not true that there is no relay ?
And overtime the switch will burn under the load ?

Is there a 1150/1100 difference ?
relay what's that I asked Motorworks if it would be Ok and they said yes. Having said that I doubt it's been on main beam longer than a 15 min single stretch.

No doubt it'll blow when I'm coming down off the the high atlas and into the middle of blood 'E' no where. That's why I'll suggest Greg leads any night riding.

The other reason is it'll make great stories at Sarrat...You know the ones "we where riding along in the dark, me following Greg, when hit a Donkey, you should have seen the mess we had to check into the hotel with him wearing the beast lungs like a pair of wings"!
On the other hand...

...there could be two donkeys in the barn saying 'Yeah, there I was, walking home from the Atlas Mountains one night when some **** on a weird looking bike with no lights on came out of nowhere and hit me. I've still got his heated grip up my arse......'

The relay is rated at 30 amp, the combined current of two 55w lamps is 9.1 amps so the limiting factor is the fuse rating which is 15 amp, I think.

I have a Phillips Vision plus in the dip beam, 55w rating with the light output of a 85 w lamp and a Phillpis Rallye 100w in the main beam and I must say I find the main beam is quite OK now, the dip is alright but much improved by a pair of small driving lights focused just at the dip beam level.

I wired them into the ignition on a switched relay so I can have them on independently of the lights, and use them as daylight running lights, they certainly get seen.
So for clarification I think what is being said is that the R1150GS has a relay able to take 110W bulb.
Does the R1100GS also have relay to enable greater load ?

Wreford, mind the donkeys.
I can't believe it censored T*W*A*T......


That's because you're a naughty little boy and Mummy won't let you say naughty words.
Cheers for your help guys.

I've fitted some Bosch "White" light bulbs, rated at 55w a piece, seem a *bit* better than standard, but time will tell.

Next stop Halfords for some spotlights.

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