What to do on a rainy weekend - A Ride Report

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Why not ride 180 miles to the wettest area in the UK in the rain, spend two nights in a tent in the rain, do a 120 mile Lakeland rideout in the rain then ride home 180 miles in the rain?

Sounds good eh.

Well I enjoyed it.

I set of on Friday morning during what I thought to be a short rain shower, which turned out to last for three days. I ploughed up the A1 and then took a left over the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Lots of nice B roads through some nice scenery.

The rain stopped so I took the opportunity to take a photo.


But then it started again.


It was at this point that my rear brake packed up on me. I called a few people and ended up talking to a dodgey geezer who post now again on this site. I explained the symptoms and he diagnosed that I’m a crap rider and had been riding with my foot on the brake lever and had boiled the brake fluid. It sounded feasible. I had a fiddle and when I got back on the bike the brake was working again (for a while anyway!)

I got to the campsite in Pooley Bridge and my mates who spend the weekend climbing up mountains and the like were already there.


A few beers and a cracking curry saw off the rest of Friday.

Up on Saturday after laying in the tent listening to the heavens being emptied on it. No one told me this was the weekend they topped the lakes up. I’d worked a route, which took in Wrynose, Hardknot and Kirkston Passes. Which were excellent, and would be even better in the dry.




I did get some breaks in the weather.


Back to the campsite and down to the local in Pooley Bridge, The Sun Inn. A good pub meal and plenty of Jennings bitter. They even had a live set from a blues guitarist, which went down well.

Then up on Sunday morning to retrace Fridays route up. And it was raining of course, wet tent packed up and I’m off.

Stopped for a fag, Paracetamol and a coffee in Kirkby Stephen.


Just south of Doncaster I lost the back brake again and after a very dodgy traffic island manoeuvre on the A1 in the rain, I stopped and noticed this. So a steady run home from this point.
I’ve been home a couple of hours and the suns just come out. Great eh!


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It's booked in for a service on Tuesday so Pidcocks can deal with it. The disk is badly grooved as well so I expect a nasty bill :(

Still it's worth it..........Friday nights festivities attached.......


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