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Apr 27, 2006
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Shropshire england
I'm thinking of swaping my RXV prilla for an LC4 640 adventure, its an 04 with 3000miles, mint with spare SM wheels as well. Whats the 640 like, can you do miles on one and what kinda speed are they happy to sit at. I'm thinking of using it for the 50mile each way ride to work and a few off road ventures with Flip and the boys.

I have an 06 and love it.

Mark (Earthmover) has an 04 I think and we both regularly trail ride them. I also do a few races (Rally's) on it.

Not done any real road distance on it but taking it to Portugal end of April for a few weeks - watch this space!

With my off-road gearing, it's still good for a 70 mph cruise and tops out at about 90 so road work shouldn't be a prob.

I think you will find that some will vibrate a lot more than others - luck of the draw. I don't find mine a problem but as I said, not done many big road trips as yet.

Overall, nice bike, looks 'The Dogs' in my opinion and is a good all-rounder. Go on, have a go......

Cheers, Rick.

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