whats the best gps system


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Nov 21, 2003
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hawick in bonny scotland
hello to all well can u tell me what system is the best at this moment in time,im running a gps 3+,but need something a bit more clever and advanced:rolleyes:
It's easy to give a glib answer to this and say the 2610. But's that's the best GPS for me!

What's best for you really depends on what you want from it. For example, I'm contemplating a GPS for my Green Lane bike - the 2610 would not be the best - it's too big and valuable, plus it needs a dedicated power supply. The Geko 201 is probably best when purpose and price are factored in.

Good answer, Greg.

Cutmore: Asking a question like you posed above ("What's the best GPSR?") is kind of like asking "What's the best car" or "What's the best bike"?

The question cannot be answered unless you indicate fairly clearly what your intended use is, and what constraints you have on your purchase.

For example - I just finished using a new Garmin 296 (a $1,800 GPSR) for a month on my moto, but have decided to go back to using a SP 2650 that costs less than half that amount becuase the SP 2650 does a better job at what I need done.

However - a person who does a lot of off-road riding would probably think the 2650 was a useless waste of money, and be much happier with a $250 unit that is designed for outdoor handheld use.

A Maybach would do a piss-poor job of taking a bunch of kids to a soccer practice, and a new Aston Martin would be pretty useless for taking 5 adults out on a shopping trip. You need to identify what your needs are, then choose the right tool for the job.


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