Whats this for then??


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Aug 14, 2003
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Allihies again.. but off to Asia soon....
Removed the petrol tank today to replace the faulty cable from the ignition. The bike now seems to be fine. I found however a connector waiting to be connected. Whats it for I'd like to know. I have a full spec bike....


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That's where you plug in your Bread Baking Macine! You know, the big thingy you have in your top box!

( I have no idea! )

;) Liv.
Meter it, with ignitionn on & off see if you get any voltages, might be for an alarm.
Think it is for the alarm.

I've brought a socket for one of the pins and feed my gps off it. One of the middle pins [left on your pic] is live if I remember correctly.


what colour ae the wires leading to it? Should be relatively easy to check against a 1100 wiring diagram......


Sorry no help here, but looking at the build up collecting in the 'open' socket I would seal it up with some waterproof tape after having put a little vaseline or 'no corrode' inside it.

Your bike is a 1994....could be a diagnostic socket or possibly a timing pick-up for B#w technician to connect motor tester to!:)
Yes I'll have to take off the tank again and surround the whole lot with some kind of plastic waterproofing box. It looks like a breakdown waiting to happen. In fact it was a break down and it did happen but at the ignition end. It seems to me a complete joke that BM did not waterproof it better from new.
Maybe newer bikes have more protection.
richie said:
Maybe newer bikes have more protection.

I doubt it, my 1999 1100 was just as bad and the engine oil temperature sensor cable has a connector there which went open circuit and caused the engine to run rich then cut out.

If you ride in the wet or wash with a hose, I'd get under there, clean it all up, and try and waterproof it.


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