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Some sort of clique thing
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Sep 7, 2004
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Thetford, Norfolk, England
Still waiting for the hand book to arrive from our local dealer so please excuse the question but whats this bit called, what does it do and can it be removed ?


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Sure, that's the diagonal steam trap :blast
Percy gave me a CD copy of the DRZ manual.
If you like (now that i'm on broadband) I could email you the parts file?

It's the solonoid for the emission control - it shoves air from the filter box through to the exhaust when you lay off the throttle to burn the excess gas.

You can remove it as well as the 1st/2nd max power limitation which is part of it and the backfiring from exhaust will stop.

It will probably require you to move the carb needle clip from 2nd to 4th, at least it did on mine. The SM has it on 4th already but stock S is 2nd from top (lean)
I removed mine with the help of people on ThumperTalk, search the DRZ forum on there for instructions.

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