Where do you fit an Autocom?


I was amazed there is no underseat storage on GS's - or am I missing something. I need somewhere to fit an Autocom unit and have room for an iPod and Mobile phone too. I guess I could use the tool tray, but that seems a shame - its so neat its scary!
So can anyone recommend a solution?
Tnx, M
On top of airbox............in front of battery and in the recess at front of tank.

Autocom fitted on top of airbox (as stated above) and I've run the phone & MP3 cables up into my tankbag.

Some have installed theirs into the toolbox or the fusebox. Do a search on Autocom and the threads should be there somewhere.



in the 1150GS, there is a spot in the fuse box where it fits perfectly with the controls up. Just need to cut a small notch to pass the wires out. Works very well for me.
Everything is in me Tankbag, Autocom, Ipod, Mobile, GPS .....just a power feed to it with a discreet connector for easy removal.....;)


re your post about the pouch for the tankbag - i am sure i sent you an e mail when you were bidding for this item warning you about the missing pouch - the seller told me he was still hunting for the pouch - have you tried your bmw dealer - they got me the velcro strip for the tankbag so it may be worth asking your dealer about the pouch

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