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Nov 17, 2004
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South Armagh, Ireland
As is the norm after a great weekend, there are some people we need to thank for their help and support.

To my fellow organisers Jockser and Daithi without whose help none of this would be possible at all. Their enthusiasm, dedication and drive to make each event the best it can be is incredible. Thanks guys. :bow

To my darling wife Mandy. The amount of time and effort she put in behind the scenes liaising with the hotel and sorting out all the little details often goes unnoticed as everything goes so smoothly over the weekend. Ensuring that we have good weather is only part of what she does. Have you ever encountered a more persuasive ticket seller? Thanks honey. :kissy2 :clap:clap

Many businesses and individuals donated prizes for the raffle. Their generosity makes a tremendous difference to the support we can give to our chosen charity. May I express our deepest gratitude to the following;

Joe Duffy Motorrad
Keary's Motorrad
Hein Gericke Newry
Maddocks BMW
Pioneer Security

Chasmill (Charlie) and his wife Jane.
Ram Man
Bin Ridin
R2D2 and Mary

I'm bound to have left someone out of this list and if I have then please accept my sincere apologies and heartfelt gratitude.

Finally, to all you fine ladies and gentlemen who made the effort to come to the event. We can organise a location, a road ride and some offroading. Mandy can organise some decent weather too, but it is you folks whose support and generosity make the whole thing worthwhile for us and for the charity. I salute you all. :bow:bow:clap:clap:clap

And that doesn't happy very often ;)

Apologies for not doing this earlier but work is getting me back for ignoring it :(

Sincere thanks to Aidan for the idea, the encouragement & the effort needed to make this work :clap To Mandy for the work, the weather & that ticket selling :eek :kissy2 And to Daithi for taking on the off-road challenge :bow

Thanks also to mcivor & Tuned for their parts and all those, both commercial & private, who contributed to the raffle & auction for MS Ireland. We're currently on our way to our biggest total yet - more details when the auctions finish on Saturday night :beerjug:

But especially to everyone who got off their ar$es (& their keyboards !) and made the effort to turn up & make our efforts worthwhile :beer::beer:

I thoroughly enjoyed the craic on the road run but, having seen all the pics & heard most of the stories, I'm a bit jealous I couldn't go play in the muck with the rest of the messers :D

See youse all next year :bounce1:bounce1

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