Where's the "For Sale" Section?

Gilson said:
Just looking for a bargain GS and the "For Sale" section is not on the forum...will it be back?

I think it will be.......as soon as you cough up for a little sponsorship. ;)
so i take a couple of days off and . . ...

come back to find that i have to sponsor to see the for sale and wanted?
i will be a sponsor...WHEN i GET a GS (issues selling my present bike), its a kind of incentive for me personally speaking.
as in - get the bike first then become a sponsor and enjoy the other benefits.
but cutting out the best resource for me to find one doesn't exactly help or encourage does it?

yes - i AM pissed off. it rarely happens and takes a lot - but i am
Doesn't make sense.....

I can understand a non member not being able to post a for sale/wanted thread but depriving the members of the maximum customer base and therefore forcing them to advertised elsewhere, probably at a cost is senseless....

Do you think existing members with a bike want to buy a similar bike? Not really...new people like me want to buy a GS...this is the best place to get info and quality GS products and you are doing your members out of potential sales.....

Now someone will say, pay some money and view the for sale...I ask why? Why should anyone pay to advertise on a closed shop??!

Go on, bring it back so all can view and your members have a much better chance of selling their bikes????

If you still want to make money, charge people a fiver to become a life member to view all forums, this will still reduce your customer base...

DOH!!:confused: :confused: :mad: :confused:
Don't shoot me....

I'm only assuming it's to do with sponsorship. I'm inclined to agree with you though. It's restricting the potential sale of my Remus Genesis titanium race can, £120 including P & P.......:D :D :D
Wanted GS 5Kish :)

So how do I go about getting to see the for sale....or do we just start it here??? That would annoy the moderators...:D

I need a GS for about 5 K...there were some really nice ones posted by WillStat and a couple of others...potentially they might be out of a quick sale....ho hum...the powers that be have made a decision and that is that...or is it?......:clap :clap

I could put a wanted post on this forum i suppose but that would be out of protocol...

Who is the biggest Cheese on this board..pun...and will they be convinced to go back to the "members must pay to post in teh for sale/wanted section"

I don't want to cause problems but the previous way was better....what do you all think?
I think you will find that this is a non profit making forum the money goes to running the site.

Its only £10 wich is 3p per day you can also post pictures here when you are a sponsor. I for one don't mind paying £10/year, dunno about the others?

Go on you know you want to!;)
I also think it's in response to Metal Mans thread about "Forum Spirit", have look here
Worth the price...

I don't have a problem about paying the 10GBP especially now as I actually want to buy a GS. But is there much point in trying to sell your goods on this site now??

I can also understand trying to stop ebayers using this site for profit...does it happen that much? With such a highly policed site I don't think anyone would let people get away with it?

The main argument is...I have 5K to buy a GS, I know there are some for sale by your members so what to they do? They have paid a tenner and basically lowered the chances of making a sale....doesn't seem a good idea....

I'll pay but I thought the members only posting was a far better idea and if you have something to sell then it is only fair to pay a 'fee' for using the site as a advertising board...

Anyone else feel a bit cheated???
finglonger said:
I think you will find that this is a non profit making forum ...

My guess is that this is probably a loss-making forum, supported only by sponsors and the Beaver Hunter's pocket!

Re: I have now paid.....

Gilson said:
....how do I become a bone fide member?!

You can become a sponsor by clicking the red SPONSOR tab at the top of this page and follow the instructions therein.

After my rant I folded...
well - i am not folding.
sitting here, without a GS, but wanting one, aiming to get one as and when i can i see the sponsorship issue as a double edged sword.
Yes - i can see the point of paying up to keep the place alive.
No - i wont pay up....yet! its tantalizing, not being a sponsor, coz you know you are missing out on aspects that others get to see / partake in :D ...but i cant!:(

so - its my incentive to get a GS and get to see what i'm missing:p
though without access to the For Sale section, its going to be a kind of chicken and egg thing when i do have the cash to buy one:)

i'm the scrabbled one ;)
For what it's worth, I think the fairest way would be to restrict all posting to Sponsors. Ie, it should cost nothing to look at the site, but if you want to add a reply to a thread, or ask a question or advertise in "For Sale & Wanted" you should contribute towards the costs. I do not object to paying £10 - in fact it is the best £10 I spend all year and I would recommend it to anyone. Where else would you get good advice 24/7 for less than 3p a day? :D
Agreed, pay to post...

I'd agree with that...pay to post, free to browse....a tenner is nothing for this info/abuse/discussions...

I have clicked the red tab, paid my money via paypal and I still can't see the for sale section....

eM, stay with it mate...if you want to know if there are any for sale, just post and I'll look for you...

we'll take them from teh inside!!! :D
Re: Agreed, pay to post...

Gilson said:
I have clicked the red tab, paid my money via paypal and I still can't see the for sale section....

Blimey, give Paul a chance! This isn't an automatic thing linked into PayPal. He's got to do it the old fashioned way, with the keyboard :D
I'd agree with that...pay to post, free to browse....a tenner is nothing for this info/abuse/discussions

i fully agree too:) especially the high calibre of abuse - even the spelling is correct in most cases...ahem *S*.

eM, stay with it mate...if you want to know if there are any for sale, just post and I'll look for you...
:D :p :) *heeheehee* i like that - Ta very much Gilson

Gilson / Emarc

I welcome your comments and and guys like you add to the interesting cosmopolitan debate on this excellent run site.

But its worth paying your £10 to become a forum sponser , as you have had £10 worth of entertainment, from the rest of the members.
As this debate may carry on!!!!!!!!!, you will even get more value for your money

Re: I have now paid.....

Gilson said:
After my rant I folded...so what now...how do I become a bone fide member?!

Welcome aboard Gilson I feel honoured by your presence. I don't know how we got on before without you.
Now you have got your feet firmly under the table is there anything else you would like to change?

Is it alright if we still ride Bwm's?
praise the wisdom of the BHT

sight of the For Sale and Wanted is now restored to hoi polloi, and, quite rightly, you still have to be a sponsor to post in that section.

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